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Barcelona attack is worst violence in Spain At least 14 people were dead and 100 were injured due to a van driver mistake which police actually claimed to be a terrorist attack. Citizens of 24 countries were killed and injured in Barcelona including one Belgian national confirmed to have died. This attack claimed to be a terror attack… Read More »

Licenses for import, transport or storage of petroleum (Petroleum Act, 1899)

During 19th century, use of petroleum was limited. Since petroleum is dangerous, India needed legislations for regulating petroleum. Finally Indian Petroleum Act, 1899 was passed. With the rapid developments in the use of petroleum that took place in subsequent years it became unsuitable in several ways. As early as 1903, the attention of the Government of India was drawn to… Read More »


Skill-based training is a method for teaching visual art where students are introduced to skills that build on each other in order to intelligently translate objects into drawings, paintings, and sculptures. This includes being able to sensitively interpret three-dimensional subjects into two-dimensional artworks. In cases of sculpture, students work in a medium such as clay to better understand… Read More »