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From ‘Ghar Wapsi’ to ‘Naam Wapsi’: Resurgence of Saffron faced Religious Nationalism in India

Abstract: Nationalism is mostly regarded as a positive phenomenon needed for the strength and unity of the nation. Nevertheless, not all its kinds are congenial for the development of the nation. This essay endeavours to demonstrate that how India is incrementally leaning to a new and vigorous form of nationalism, which on the one hand derives its strength… Read More »

How the Lok Sabha Polling 2019 ‘schedules’ has created a widespread controversy?

On the polling schedules issue, Ex-CEC said, There has been ample speculation about election dates, with some even casting aspersions on the Election Commission of India’s (EC’s) neutrality in determining the dates. Heres how the Lok Sabha Polling 2019 ‘schedules’ has created a widespread controversy? Announcement of National General Election 2019 As India gears for its seventeenth Lok… Read More »

Symbiotic relationship between mainstream media and WhatsApp – By Rehaan Danish

Congress and BJP have both very actively made efforts to try and grow their base on WhatsApp. Whatsapp has become really crucial. But its crucial in a particular context and that’s context is mainstream media which does not always do the job it should be doing, partly through fear, partly through pressure and partly through political allegiance. || Symbiotic relationship… Read More »

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Family Law

When most hear the term family law, they think of divorce only. Well, family law involves every matter related to family issues including adoption, paternity, legitimation, domestic partnerships, gestational surrogacy agreements. The common areas of family law are divorce, child custody, support, visitation rights, and alimony. Following, we are going to describe all these aspects in brief details.… Read More »

Results: 3rd National Essay Writing Competition on Nation and Nationalism 2019

Amity Law School proudly announces the results and rank of the 3rd National Essay Writing Competition on Nation and Nationalism 2019. The Third Edition of National Essay Writing Competition on Nation and Nationalism, 2019 was organised in collaboration with National Commission for Women, Indian Lawyers Association, Law Street Journal, and Legal Bites. The Organising Committee, Amity Law School Gurugram would like… Read More »

The Implication of Legalized Sports Betting

The legalization has raised a few questions and concerns over the integrity of sports outcomes. Most affected in this regard are college athletes who are vulnerable to corruption since they aren’t being paid. – The Implication of Legalized Sports Betting Introduction The 2017 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles witnessed an outstanding $4.76… Read More »