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Right to Information as a Consumers’ Right

The Consumer Protection Act 1986 enacted in 1986 intended to provide effective and efficient safeguards to the consumers against various types of unfair practices. Introduction The industrial revolution and the development in the international trade and commerce has led to the vast expansion of business and trade, as a result of which a variety of consumer goods have appeared… Read More »

Decision Making in College Students

Making decisions is a human need. People have to make many decisions during their lives. Some decisions are rather trivial. Other decisions are life-changing. For example, deciding whether you go to college is critical. If you decide to get a college education, the decision-making process is not over. As a student, you will have to make many important… Read More »

How to Solve Law School Problems?

Law school problems are one of the most serious issues for a law student. It ranges from problems regarding studies to that of emotional wellbeing. #1 Law school problems – Homesickness  For many students, hostel lives happen for the first time. As a result, people get homesick and emotionally depressed being to have to live far away from… Read More »

Contingency Lawyering in India; Pros and Cons

The Article aims at familiarizing the concept of contingency lawyering and related topics. It also tries to have a detailed discussion about the apparent advantages and disadvantages of the system in its present form. Thereafter, the prospects of the system’s introduction and the possible outcomes of such an exercise are also discussed. Understanding the Concept Contingency lawyering refers… Read More »

Result: 4th National Judgment Writing Competition 2019

The Amity Law School proudly announces the result and rankings of the 4th National Judgment Writing Competition, 2019. The Fourth Edition of National Judgment Writing Competition, 2019 was organised in collaboration with SCC Online, and Legal Bites. The Organising Committee, Amity Law School, Gurugram would like to thank every participant of the 4th National Judgment Writing Competition, 2019 for showing… Read More »

Event Report: 1st KIIT National Youth Parliament Competition, 2019

The inaugural edition of the KIIT National Youth Parliament Competition, 2019 was not just a mere event or a competition but was much more above it. Nearly 150 delegates from pan India participated in the competition. The event took place from 16th -17th November 2019 at KIIT School of Law, KIIT Deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar. Inaugural Ceremony… Read More »