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10 Things you must do in your Law School

There exist ferocious challenges in almost every part of the life spent in a law school. This competition commences with the exams and finds its end with the politics played by the students. Everyone focuses on an increasing number of achievements in his/ her CV. They compose blogs, articles, papers and many other things to make their CV… Read More »

Indian Politics in Peril – By Deepika Singla

Abstract Politics refer to the activities concerned with governing a country or an area. Indian politics works on the principle of Federalism, Republic, Parliamentary Democracy, Secularism, and Socialism. Equality, liberty, justice and periodic elections based on universal adult suffrage are jewels of Indian Politics. The political system is premised on the rocks of pluralism, co-existence, cooperation and coordination.… Read More »

Result: 3rd National Judgment Writing Competition 2019

The Amity Law School proudly announces the result and rank of the 3rd National Judgment Writing Competition, 2019. The Third Edition of National Judgment Writing Competition, 2019 was organised in collaboration with SCC Online, Indian Lawyers Association, Manav Awaaj, and Legal Bites. The Organising Committee, Amity Law School, Gurugram would like to thank every participant of the 3rd National Judgment Writing… Read More »