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Case Analysis: Bachan Singh v. State of Punjab (1980)

In the landmark case of Bachan Singh v. the State of Punjab,[2] the court observed that death sentence may be awarded in the “rarest of rare cases in which the alternative sentence of life is unquestionably foreclosed.” INTRODUCTION Pronouncing a judgment awarding capital punishment has always been a pressing issue for debates. After the making of the Constitution… Read More »

Trademark plays an important role in modern business

Trademark is a crucial element for a dynamic business condition. When an individual or an association set up its business, protecting its trademark is imperative for their trade growth. We all deal with trademarks every day. “Trademark” is another form of action of alluding to brands. Trademarks impact the customers’ buying choice as it reflects the brand’s reputation. Now… Read More »

UAPA Amendment Act: Here is All you Need to Know

Recently, the Parliament of India has passed several controversial bills. One of them was the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill, 2019 or UAPA Amendment. Pursuant to the amendment, an individual can now be declared as a “terrorist” by the Central Government at any stage of the investigation without any procedural and constitutional safeguards whatsoever. The said amendment has… Read More »

How is Sports Betting Different from Casino Games?

The gambling situation in India has improved a lot in the past few years. From completely illegal, we have come to a gray area where many gambling websites are operating across the country without any problems. In fact, experts have also raised important points like legalized gambling can generate jobs and revenue which means that we can look… Read More »

Gambling Laws in Kerala

When we think about gambling, then places like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo come to mind. However, India, which is considered a comparatively conservative nation in the world, is also becoming a hot gambling destination especially after the advent of online gambling. But what about the gambling laws in India? Gambling in India India is not a country… Read More »

Are Online Casinos Legal in India?

The casino industry is highly profitable in most countries including the US and the UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore. In India, it’s recently emerged on the surface, all thanks to the introduction of online casinos. This is because most casinos games didn’t exist here before because of government restrictions which by the way, are applicable even today. Today,… Read More »

Pollution – The Dark Reality Hidden Under The Garb Of Development – By Debalina Chatterjee

INTRODUCTION: ‘Pollution’ is the dark reality hidden under the garb of development. This proposition is true, especially for developing countries. Causes of pollution are both natural and man-made. Drought, flood, earthquake, cyclone, epidemic are the natural causes, man has no control over them. There are four main man-made causes – population growth, poverty, urbanisation and industrialisation. The earth… Read More »