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Administrative law is the law relating to the administration. It determines the organization, powers and duties of administrative authorities. Read law notes on Legal Bites.

Formal and Ideological Concept of Rule Of Law

This article talks about the distinction between the formal and the ideological or substantive Rule of Law, first by establishing the connection of ideological and substantive law being interlinked. And further tries to understand the different approaches of both the concepts in sustaining the Rule of Law. Their limitations also form part of this article. INTRODUCTION “The Rule… Read More »

Judicial Review of Administrative Action

Introduction Judicial Review of Administrative action is part of enforcing the constitutional discipline over the administrative agencies while exercising their powers. It has origin in England which was adopted in common law countries. India too inherited the idea of judicial review from England. India had laid its structure on English prerogative with a pattern which was issued by… Read More »

Public Interest Litigation

The term Public Interest Litigation simply means litigation in the interest of the public. This term was first used by Prof. Abram Chayes in 1976. It is also known as Social Action Litigation (SAL). The term PIL comes from US jurisdiction where it was designed to provide legal representation to previously unrepresented groups & interests. Such groups and… Read More »


Ombudsman is an effective mechanism that can protect a person from administrative flaws. The term ombudsman in terms of utility means a “watchdog of the administration” or the protector of the little man”. This institution was first developed in Sweden in 1809 and soon became a cherished importable commodity the world over. It is a unique institution which… Read More »