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ADR – Alternate Dispute Resolution includes dispute resolution processes and techniques that act as a means for disagreeing parties to come to a win-win position to prevent the lengthy process of litigation.

The selection process of Arbitrators

The process of selection of arbitrators is organization specific. The different organizations have different guidelines based on which the process of arbitration and the selection of arbitration is based. WHO ARE ARBITRATORS Arbitrators are legally qualified advocates or scholars or jurists who are capable of coordinating and administering justice by arbitration. The Arbitrator acts as a neutral third… Read More »

Evolution of International Arbitration and its National Significance

Arbitration as a process of dispute resolution has been followed for a long time.  This article discusses the Evolution of International Arbitration and its National Significance. Introduction International disputes have always been prevalent. The initial kingdoms adopted a primitive approach for the settlement of disputes between nations. The nations at dispute resorted to means of war. The result… Read More »

Role play in Mediation Procedure

Role play in literal sense means portrayal of a mediator or a negotiator by a student in a hypothetical situation. In a mediation role-play session, there are two parties represented by negotiators and two independent mediators. Introduction Theoretical knowledge has to be collated with practical experience for the all-round growth of an individual. In academics as well, especially… Read More »

International centres of arbitration

Internationally there are many organizations working providing cutting edge arbitration services to the nations. Read International centres of Arbitration here in this Article. INTRODUCTION Arbitration has had an impact in solving international disputes in modern times especially because of the shift of the ideology of the nations in solving disputes from an aggressive to peaceful methods. This has… Read More »

Arbitration – Meaning, Characteristics, Types and Applicability

Meaning of arbitration “Arbitration is a voluntary agreement entered into between or among two or more persons having disputes. The person to assist the dispute settlement is called Arbitrator…..The further agreement between and among the contracting parties is that they would abide by the verdict of the arbitrator. The award of the arbitrator is binding on all the… Read More »

Technology in the field of Arbitration

Arbitration and new technologies share a mutually beneficial relationship. New technologies such as Big Data, blockchain, machine learning, and text-mining have made it to the legal world, simplifying all phases of the dispute resolution process. Introduction The 21st century ushered with it the translucent era of technological extravagance. The increase in technological innovations provided better standards of living to… Read More »