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Contracts which need not be Performed

Though the contract act promotes the fulfilment of contractual obligations from both the parties but under certain circumstances not performing the contract won’t receive legal sanctions. Introduction – Contracts which need not be Performed Contracts are the pillars based on which commercial transactions between two parties are created. Contracts are entered between two parties on the intention that it… Read More »

The Amendment of the Constitution (Article 368) – Basic Structure Doctrine

To preserve the ideals and philosophy of the original constitution, the Supreme Court has laid down the basic structure doctrine. The doctrine allows the Supreme Court to strike down any amendments that may alter the ‘basic structure’ of the constitution. INTRODUCTION The very basis on which the law of a country is founded is its constitution. The economic, political and… Read More »

Secularism in India – An Overview and Comparison with Saudi Arabia

INTRODUCTION – Secularism India is the birthplace of four major world religions: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Yet, India is one of the most diverse nations in terms of religion and secularism. Many scholars and intellectuals believe that India’s predominant religion, Hinduism has long been a most tolerant religion. India is a country built on the foundations of… Read More »