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Legal Realism – American Realism and the Scandinavian Realists

Legal realism has greatly contributed to the evolution of jurisprudence. Julius Stone describes it as a gloss on the sociological approach and Allen goes on to describe it as an “avatar on the sociological jurisprudence. Introduction One of the most important aftermaths of the Industrial Revolution was the increased tendency towards socialization amongst the people. It was recognized that… Read More »

Sources of Law

Meaning The meaning of the term “sources of law” differs from writer to writer. The positivists use the term to denote the sovereign or the State who makes and enforces the laws. The historical school uses the term to refer to the origins of law. Others use it to indicate the causes or subject matter of law. Prof.… Read More »

Kinds of Property

MEANING OF ‘PROPERTY’ According to Salmond, substantive civil law consists of the law of property, the law of obligations and law of statutes. Law of the property consists of rights against the whole world and, therefore, they are rights in rem.  On the other hand, obligations are only owned by one towards the other due to which the… Read More »

Jurisprudence: Meaning, Importance and Indian Perspective

Each country has its own idea of jurisprudence shaped by the social and political conditions in which the development of law took place in that particular region. Definition and Meaning The term ‘jurisprudence’ has been derived from the Latin term ‘jurisprudentia’ which literally translates to ‘knowledge of the law’ or ‘skill in law’.  The Roman civilization, which is… Read More »

Recent Trends in Indian Jurisprudence

The present crisis in the Indian legal system is due to its complete dependence on colonial jurisprudence. India has inherited, as a hangover of the British rule, the theory and practice of the British legal system which created conflict between old laws and the modern notion of justice.[1] Law and Society Law is a social science which is… Read More »

Jurisprudence & Other Social Sciences: Evaluating the Interrelation

According to Rosco Pound, all social sciences must especially co-work with jurisprudence. In this article, we will evaluate the interrelation of jurisprudence with other social sciences. Introduction Law regulates significant aspects of human life. In simple terms, the law is a set of regulations which are formulated by the state and are binding upon its subjects. Jurisprudence is… Read More »