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FEMA: Foreign Exchange Management Act – Overview

FEMA – Foreign Exchange Management Act provided wings to Reserve Bank of India when it comes to the management of the foreign exchange. Introduction When the natives of two different country trade with each other, the transaction involves the exchange of currency between them. The trade may include exporting goods to another country or importing them from. When… Read More »

Securities Contract Regulation Act: Salient Features

Securities Contract (Regulation) Act, 1956 – The government had laid down this legislation when there was no other choice left with it because there were a lot of malpractices taking place in the market as well as in the working conditions of these stock exchanges. INTRODUCTION The Parliament introduced another legislation for the regulation of the affairs in relation… Read More »

Foreign Direct Investment in NBFC Sector

A particular type of company that is involved in carrying out the business of acquisition of shares, loans and advances, insurance business, acquisition of stocks, chit business or bonds hire- purchase is known as NBFC i.e. Non- Banking Financial Institutions. Any institution whose main business revolves around sale or construction or purchase of immovable property, agriculture and industrial… Read More »