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Foreign Direct Investment in NBFC Sector

A particular type of company that is involved in carrying out the business of acquisition of shares, loans and advances, insurance business, acquisition of stocks, chit business or bonds hire- purchase is known as NBFC i.e. Non- Banking Financial Institutions. Any institution whose main business revolves around sale or construction or purchase of immovable property, agriculture and industrial… Read More »

Establishment and Jurisdiction of Securities Appellate Tribunal

Securities Law Amendment Act proposed for the establishment of Securities Appellate Tribunal and henceforth, SAT was set up on 28th July 1997. Introduction Chapter VIB was brought into effect from 25th January of 1995 by virtue of Securities Laws (Amendment) Act, 1995. The reasons for bringing this amendment or statement of an object for the said amendment provided… Read More »

Substantial acquisition of securities or control: SEBI Act

Substantial acquisition of shares and takeover are governed by the guidelines issued by SEBI even before sec 12A of SEBI Act, 1992 was introduced. These regulations are called “ SEBI ( Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeover) Regulations”. It is also known as Takeover Regulations. The authority for framing such regulations was granted by Section 11 (2)(h) of… Read More »

Government Securities

The government securities are normally issued in the currency of that particular country. The government sells these securities which are usually based on the creditworthy rate of the security as determined by the market. INTRODUCTION When the government itself issues any traditional instrument or bonds with a guarantee that the principal amount in addition to the periodic interest… Read More »