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Introduction to Company Law: Meaning, Nature and Characteristics

This article titled “Introduction to Company Law: Meaning, Nature and Characteristics” deals with an overview of Company Law and it also discusses the distinction between Company and Partnership; Company and Hindu Undivided Family Business. Introduction The concept of ‘Company’ or ‘Corporation’ in business is not new but was dealt with, in 4th century BC itself during ‘Arthashastra’ days.… Read More »

Overview of the Companies Act, 2013

Abstract We focus here on the overview of the drastically era of Companies Act,1956, when it comes to corporate governance and what were the objectives behind getting Companies Act, 2013 the base for the corporate and business world in India. It’s the nature of any environment and their species to adapt to the changes in the landscape to… Read More »

Historical Development of the Concept of Corporate Law

This article discusses the historical development of the concept of corporate law. There was a time when people used to opt for the sole proprietorship or partnership as this form of business-suited the most and people were more reluctant to invest their money and earn profit for themselves out of it with the help of these forms of… Read More »

Doctrine of Alter Ego

This article discusses the Doctrine Of Alter Ego. The courts use the doctrine to get away with the corporate status of directors, officers or a group of stockholders in a corporation in connection to the liability that is limited to an extent. This was so in order to make them personally liable for the actions done by them… Read More »

Types of Company

Overview : Types of Company Introduction Types of Company on the basis of Incorporation Types of Company on the basis of Liability Other Types of Company Private Company One Person Company (OPC) Small Company Public Company Limited Company Unlimited Company Government Companies Foreign Companies Holding and Subsidiary Company Associate Company Investment Companies Producer Company Dormant Companies Introduction The… Read More »

Majority Powers and Minority Rights

Introduction – Majority Powers and Minority Rights In the corporate world, all democratic decisions and management of a company are made with the majority rule which is deemed to be fair and justified. Majority power has great importance in the working of a company and the “Courts will not generally intervene at the instance of the shareholder in… Read More »

Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement

In the Companies Act, 2013 Chapter XVI deals with the topic of “Prevention of oppression and mismanagement”. Oppression is the exercising of authority or power in a burdensome, merciless, or unjust manner. Whereas the term “Mismanagement” means a situation in which something such as a company or an economy is organized or controlled badly. Introduction The word Company is… Read More »

Winding Up

Introduction: ‘Winding up’ of a company is the process of closing or finishing up of a company. Under this process, the company ceases to carry on its business. The management of its affairs is taken out of its director’s hands. Instead, an administrator called liquidator is appointed, who takes control of the company in his hands. He realizes… Read More »

Inspection, Inquiry and Investigation

INTRODUCTION Inspection, Inquiry and Investigation falls as the XIVth Chapter of the Companies Act, 2013. From Section 206 to Section 229, the details of Inspection, Inquiry and Investigations are explained. The Shareholders of a Company have several rights, including those of the right to vote and elect their directors, right to convene board meetings, right to receive dividends… Read More »