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Writ of Prohibition: History, Scope and Evolution, and Landmark Judgements

In this article “Writ of Prohibition: History, Scope and Evolution, and Landmark Judgements,” the author has discussed the writ of prohibition which is nearly as old as the common law itself. Like other writs, the writ of prohibition is guaranteed under the Constitution of India—specifically Articles 32 (for the Supreme Court) and 226 (for the High Courts). This article… Read More »

Writ of Habeas Corpus: History, Scope, and Landmark Judgements

Writ of Habeas corpus has been fundamentally important in safeguarding the rights of detainees in India. It protects citizens from arbitrary arrests, abuse by police authorities, illegal detentions, etc. Habeas corpus has been available to citizens for protection throughout independent India’s history save for the Emergency period when it was controversially revoked. Notably, the Supreme Court had acquiesced… Read More »

Main Sources of the Indian Constitution

The present article aims to mention all the major sources of the Indian constitution and what are all the essential features borrowed from these sources. The Constitution of India has absorbed many essential features from the constitution of other nations, which were suitable to include considering the problems and aspirants of the country. In conclusion, the article adds… Read More »