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Essentials of a Valid Contract under The Indian Contract Act

I. Introduction – Essentials of a Valid Contract To form a valid contract, every contract must fulfil the ‘Essentials of a Valid Contract’. Section-10 of the Indian Contract Act,1872 specifies some conditions which need to be satisfied in the mandate to create a valid contract. A contract is defined under Section-2(h) of The Contract Act, 1872 means “any agreement which… Read More »

8 Contract Law Doctrines – You Must Know

This article seeks to explain the 8 Contract Law Doctrines – You Must Know. India follows the common law system, and in order to interpret the common law statues, it is essential to understand the common law doctrines. A doctrine is a principle involved in the interpretation of the policy. Contract law was codified in India in 1872… Read More »

Various Methods of Creation of Agency

Various Methods of Creation of Agency | Overview Introduction Creation of Agency Methods of Creation of Agency Conclusion: Various Methods of Creation of Agency In the commercial world, the agency plays a crucial role in extending the Principal’s arms into areas which are not in his or her reach. To initiate this relationship, there are various methods established… Read More »

Difference Between Servant And Agent

Often used interchangeably, servant and agent are far different as far as the legal connotation is concerned. Hence, their difference becomes important to understand the liabilities for two respective positions. Philosophically and legally, their difference is drawn out in the following article. Introduction In the commercial world, and that too in a digitalised and over-competitive world, the increasing… Read More »

Time and Place for Performance of Contract

It is understood that for contracts certain essentials have to be satisfied. After the satisfaction of those essentials, only the contract gains the force of law. But those are not the only elements that need to be satisfied. If a contract is not performed on time and in the manner prescribed its legality can be questioned. This article… Read More »

Contracts Which Must Be Performed

This article seeks to explain which contracts must be performed. Section 37 of the Indian Contract Act, states that – the parties to a contract must either perform, or offer to perform, their respective promises unless such performance is dispensed with or excused under the provisions of this Act, or of any other law. Promises bind the representatives… Read More »

Registration of Firms and Effect of Non Registration

Registration of Firms and Effect of Non-Registration are two important paradigms of Chapter 7 of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. It is not mandatory for a firm to get registered, and the process is also fairly simple. But, the consequence of non-registration takes away the opportunity to enforce the contractual or legal rights. Introduction Firms formed under the… Read More »

Properties of Firm | Indian Partnership Act, 1932

Properties of firm are covered under Section 14 of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. Various aspects like goodwill and the rights and interest held in properties are considered as properties of the firm. The essential is an express or implied agreement among the partners. Rest, the property can be acquired also. I. Introduction A firm is just a… Read More »