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Digital Signature and Electronic Signature

The article titled “Digital Signature and Electronic Signature” deals with the meaning purpose of a digital signature under the IT Act. Further, it discusses Electronic Signature. I. Digital Signatures Digital Signatures provide a viable solution for creating legally enforceable electronic records, closing the gap in going fully paperless by completely eliminating the need to print documents for signing.… Read More »

Child Pornography – A Menace

Child Pornography is defined as any visual depiction involving the use of a minor, or one appearing to be a minor, engaging in sexually explicit conduct. Visual depictions include photographs, film, video, pictures or computer-generated images or pictures, whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical, or other means. Child pornography has become particularly problematic with the rise of… Read More »

Plagiarism in the Cyberspace | Copyright and Cyber Law

This paper aims at first understanding plagiarism while finding out how it is regulated in India and how it finds its place in copyright law. Furthermore, the paper shall focus on how fair dealing finds its place in the cyberspace as a valid exception to the rights granted to copyright owners. The last stretch of the paper stands… Read More »

Case Study: Google Spain v. AEPD and Mario Costeja Gonzalez

This article titled ‘Google Spain v. AEPD and Mario Costeja Gonzalez’[1] also known as Right to be forgotten case is a case study of a decision by the CJEU. The Court held that an internet search engine operator is responsible for the processing that it carries out of personal information which appears on the web pages published by… Read More »

E-Commerce and E-Contracts: Overview And Analysis

E-Contracts are modelled, specified and executed by a software system and were born out of convenience, the need for speed and efficiency. This article titled ‘E-Commerce and E-Contracts: Overview’ understands the world of e-commerce and questions the validity of e-contracts in an entirely online world. I. E-Commerce in India E-commerce in simple terms refers to the buying and… Read More »

Cyber Space Jurisdiction: Issues and Challenges

This article aims at first understanding the crucial elements of cyber space jurisdiction along with its types and application. Furthermore, the article shall explain jurisdiction with reference to our IT Act, 2000 so as to initiate jurisdiction in our cyber law. The main focus of the article, however, will be on jurisdictional issues that are present in the… Read More »

Information Technology Act, 2000: Important Definitions 

This paper aims at understanding the basics of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and it’s Amendment in 2008. However, the paper will lay focus on §2[1] to understand the definitions provided within the Act. I. Information Technology Act, 2000 The Information Technology Act of 2000 (hereinafter referred to as the “IT Act”) is the primary law that deals… Read More »

Cyber Space: Meaning, Regulation and Scope

This article aims at understanding the crucial elements of cyber space as stated; the meaning, regulation and scope. I. Cyber Space – Meaning The term cyber space has garnered numerous definitions and interpretations given by both experts and lexicographers. According to Adnan (2010), cyberspace is an unreal world where information is constantly transmitted through or between computers. On… Read More »

Cyber Law: The Information Technology Act and its Application

This article aims at understanding the objectives and features of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and it’s Amendment in 2008. Further, the paper will focus on the application of the provisions enshrined in the Act by gathering data obtained from judicial precedents. The 21st century that we live in has people spend more time on the virtual front… Read More »