A word of gratitude to all the readers who are taking time to read this article when your exams are almost over and there is no exam stress left to be dealt with. Exams are a very crucial part of human life. According to the Indian education system, you could be a total failure in life, irrespective of how smart… Read More »

A word of gratitude to all the readers who are taking time to read this article when your exams are almost over and there is no exam stress left to be dealt with.

Exams are a very crucial part of human life. According to the Indian education system, you could be a total failure in life, irrespective of how smart you are, if you fail your exams. They are a source of superfluous agitated for the “geeks” and a source of stress for the normal-human-species.

Dealing with exam stress is an art and very few have mastered it. The author doesn’t give an assurance but is sure enough that the reader would be able to improve in this skill by the end of the article.
The process is divided into parts.

Preparing for the Paper

This applies to the breed who (in their heads) wanna score very good marks and mostly top the class and they know that by the end of their preparation, they will have no motivation left to study anymore.

This is divided into 4 stages.

Stage 1: Make a list of the topics you have to cover for your portion. The purpose of this is realizing the number of times you will have to go through a mini-heart attack, every time you see that list.

Stage 2: Stick that list on the wall just in front of your face so that you can have anxiety attacks every time you see that evil piece of paper.

Stage 3: Mention the date by which you want to finish the portion at the bottom of that paper.

Stage 4: Warn your brain to take action towards the furtherance of the completion of that paper.

Know your caliber. Do not add everything that is in the syllabus on your list. The joy of finishing everything that is mentioned in the list is more precious than the regret of not finishing what is actually there for the portion.

Some important things to Remember | How To Deal With Exam Stress?

Manage your Time Wisely

“Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Teenage is that beautiful age where you are at the pinnacle of your intelligence. Nobody in this whole damn world is smarter than you. All the philosophies by great thinkers are completely nonsensical and utter bullshit. You will re-write history, the more realistic version.


“Late to bed, pulling all-nighters in the night, finally going to bed when the day is all sunny and bright.”

This becomes the mantra because, in the daytime, everyone and everything is really disturbing. From annoying friends to the little birds. Nighttime, there’s no noise, only the perpetual fear of dying because of high chances of some paranormal activity in the room you are studying.

Take Breaks

Breaks are the most important thing in a study schedule. They are of various kinds:

  1. Fivers in hourly intervals.
  2. Fivers lasting a little more than five minutes.
  3. One hour breaks
  4. Breaks lasting a lifetime and you end on a footpath with a mendicant bowl. (be careful, Salman Khan might run you over with his car)

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is the delusional escape. The best thing that has ever happened to mankind. Sleep is the solution to world’s each and every problem. Stressed about something? Sleep. Had a fight with your partner? Sleep. Exam in 15 minutes? Sleep 🙂 Delusional because no matter if you sleep for 16 hours, it will still feel like one. No difficulty is big enough, no situation is tough enough, all you have to do is Go To Sleep :)) You can visit https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/psychologists/ to read more about what you can do to sleep better every night.

The Distractions

Exams are the time when you apprehend the beauty of distractions. The most normal thing will also seem really interesting. It’s like god personally came there, swooshed his magic wand and put ‘amusement’ in all the boring things.

This is the time when all those ‘been ignored for months’ open tabs finally get some attention and you have this tingling sensation to open each and every tab and gain all the knowledge that had been displayed there.

This is the time where you start missing your external hard drive and all those old pictures and screenshots. The people whose calls you’ve been ignoring for months, out of the blue become significant people in your life that you have always neglected and feel bad about it.

So, to prevent yourself from drowning in your own regrets, you decide to pay a little amount of your time in seeing their pictures.

The most appealing episodes of your favorite TV shows would release during this pre-examination time of your life. This phase is an emotional phase.


What adds anger to stress? Those bugging friends who are already done with their portions and disturbing you become their life aim. No matter if you don’t even know that they exist, they will suddenly appear from somewhere and ruin it for you.

This is one category of these creatures. Another one is your own friends who you primarily ‘chill’ with. The opinionated ones who throw around opinions like confetti. Not required, but who cares man. They will make sure that whatever you are studying is unnecessary, your sources are wrong. They are as accurate as possible on earth kind of people and they are the back-mind of the actual paper setter. They will surely know what all is coming in your exams. YOU SHOULD NOT LISTEN TO THEM.


The distressing question that comes to the mind of survivors of this process is – Where to study from?

Resources are the things that answer this question and prevent you from getting stressed during exams. But you have to make sure that they are reliable.

Smart people search google and find the best notes to study from.
Smarter people refer to professors’ slides and study from them.

Night and the Time before the Exam

This is the peak stress time. No matter how much have you studied, Amnesia will start getting to you. Memory and all the pieces of information will just start flying out of your system. All you will remember is faces of those fat books and song lyrics.

You will not be able to remember the main concept. Panic Attack?! NO!!
Ways to overcome a panic attack:

Breathe in for a few seconds, hold your breath for a few seconds, use that breath to abuse your friend for a few seconds who had asked you to explain the concept.

If this doesn’t help, try revising the concepts again so they go into your permanent memory.

If nothing works out, just go to SLEEP.


The human body is delicate. The human mind is Fragile. It can not take too much pressure and trauma. Exams will come and go, but once the brain undergoes damage, you will persist to be like that till doomsday!

On a serious note, exams are really important and if you are that student who is really competitive, you must not lose focus because of any distractions. Stressing is bad. The only thing it can do is make you more anxious. Consequently, you will not be able to write your exam properly. The next stage is inescapable – ReExam. That is another pain in the ass.

All that you have dealt with, all this while, you will have to suffer again. All the vulnerabilities exist only for the time being. Your self-perception must be high enough to crystallize your morale. It is not going to be easy. And working hard might feel like watching yourself burn to ashes after the “Re-Exam gunshot”

No matter how many times the feeling of dread hits you during the day, have a conquering state of mind.

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