Emergency Situation at KIIT Law School; : Here’s All you need to know

By | November 25, 2018
KIIT Law School Violence

I am sure you must be aware of the recent horrific incident that we KIIT Law School students have gone through. Violent clashes broke out between the Law School and Engineering department of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Bhubaneshwar on 24 November after simmering tensions over lewd comments passed to a female student the previous day.

KIIT Law School Violence

The facts are as follows:

A 2nd-year electrical guy passed a lewd comment on a 5th-year law student who happens to be a girl. So some of the law people went to the hostel and asked him to apologise. He did so after much reluctance. But the engineering guys returned, around 300 of them, the next day with beer bottles, knives and stones and started attacking the law school property and injured around 20 people, all of them left bloodied. So an FIR was lodged against all of them and they’ve been expelled. Most of our law school property has been damaged and KIIT University has promised to compensate all the losses that the students have incurred.

Moreover, students (including the girls) were asked to vacate the college premises at 3 in the night.

So here is the entire thing that unfolded and also, the engineering guys are threatening us of dire consequences. – Input from A student, KIIT Law School

CCTV Footage of Violence

Here are some of the scenes from the Riot

  1. As per several reports by students and alumnus of the college, over 40 students (both law and BTech) have been hospitalised with at least one student being in the Intensive Care Unit with a serious head injury.

2. The incident continued for over an hour and even entered one of the hostels, where unaware law students were brutally assaulted.

3. Students (including the girls) were asked to vacate the college premises at 3 in the night.

In case you have any further information please comment here and keep us posted. We request all the students to be safe. And Take Care


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