This article discusses the reasons as to why the extension of lockdown is desirable. If you want to deal with an epidemic, crime or death – the smartest most effective and cheapest way to deal with it is prevention first. – Kamla Harris According to many dictionaries, a lockdown can be defined as a protocol of isolating and… Read More »

This article discusses the reasons as to why the extension of lockdown is desirable.

If you want to deal with an epidemic, crime or death – the smartest most effective and cheapest way to deal with it is prevention first. – Kamla Harris

According to many dictionaries, a lockdown can be defined as a protocol of isolating and confining people in an emergency. This protocol can be implemented and initiated by the government authorities only to address some serious epidemic or emergency. There are certain terms of conditions in which people can come out of their homes. All the hospitals, milk booths, grocery stores, telecommunication, police, petrol pumps will remain operational during the lockdown.

I. Background

The first coronavirus case in our country was reported on 30th January 2020 in Kerala a medical student studying in Wuhan university was tested positive. Initially, neither the government nor WHO understood the seriousness and gravity of this epidemic but every passing day situation deteriorated in the whole world especially in China Spain Italy USA.

While addressing the nation on March 24 PM Modi told 1.3 billion citizens that they are required to stay inside the home for the next 21 days as the government is going to implement a complete lockdown in the country to combat this epidemic which took thousands of lives globally. It was the world’s largest coronavirus directive, not even china the world’s most populous country and the epicentre of this epidemic imposed any strict measure to control the damage and this is the reason behind the widespread infection and death of many people.

The lockdown was started at midnight giving citizens only hours to prepare themselves, the scenes after the announcement were unprecedented, hundreds of people turned up at grocery stores to get essential commodities and people rushed to their villages from their workplace.

The ill-planned and negligent approach of the government compounded the hardships of the poor. Thousands of migrants, including whole families, packed their pots, pans and blankets into rucksacks, some balancing children on their shoulders as they walked along interstate highways. Some planned to walk hundreds of miles. But as they reached the Delhi border, many were beaten back by the police.

II. Epidemic HOT SPOT that can swing India’s COVID-19 war

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has recommended rapid antibody tests of residents living in hotspots every resident in a hotspot will be tested with a fast-track kit, according to ICMR’s interim advisory that awaits the Ministry’s approval.

A Ministry advisory has stressed that these hotspots need enhanced deployment, surveillance, clinical management, containment operations and laboratory testing at grassroots levels. Doctors and experts have suggested that efforts in these places can swing India’s war on COVID-19.

10 Coronavirus Hotspots in India has been identified by the Government:

  1. Nizammudin (Delhi)
  2. Dilshad Garden (Delhi)
  3. Noida (Uttar Pradesh)
  4. Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)
  5. Bhilwara (Rajasthan)
  6. Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
  7. Kasaragod (Kerala)
  8. Pathanamthitta (Kerala)
  9. Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  10. Pune (Maharashtra)

III. The current situation across the nation

As per the latest report, the number of active cases in India has risen to 4,714 as on 08 April 2020, 16:30 (Track Here)

Official Link

IV. Why the extension of lockdown is desirable

As we are almost more than halfway of lockdown at this moment there is a feeling of curiosity among the citizen that whether this lockdown should be extended or not, honestly only government can decide this but let’s discuss the reasons as to why the extension of lockdown is desirable-

Study of research conducted by Cambridge University – According to research conducted by Cambridge University, India needs 49-day lockdown, not 21 to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers gave forecast patterns of 21 days as well as 49-days lockdown. There were 4 cases were given –

  1. Resurgence: Cases will decrease during lockdown but increase exponentially once lockdown is over 21 days {current scenario}
  2. Still Resurgence: 5 days break of lockdown to push the economy and let people reach their homes if they are stuck somewhere and 28 days second lockdown. Cases will increase after the lockdown.
  3. The number of infected below: This case discussed 67 days lockdown but it wasn’t feasible because of various shortcomings.
  4. Most optimum: This case advocated direct 49 days lockdown without any cooling-off period. Though cases 3rd and 4th have the same results the last case is most optimum as it would end soon.[4]

Online National Legislative Drafting and Review Competition 2020

Experience in other countries

China started its lockdown in its territory on 22nd Jan and it continued till 25th march and it’s worth mentioning here there were zero cases from 21st march to 25th march hence they decided to withdraw lockdown and right after this decision china revealed 1,541 asymptomatic cases amid concern of the second wave of infection.

Even after 63 days of lockdown, they reported new cases with no symptoms. Experts claimed that they haven’t achieved herd immunity till now that’s why more cases were reported.

Similarly, Hong Kong started its lockdown in mid-Feb though very few cases were reported there suddenly there has been a rise in the number of cases and they aren’t able to find the reason behind this. Considering all these cases a longer lockdown is desirable to control and fight this epidemic.

V. Conclusion

When our government decided to implement the lockdown its main objective was self-isolation and maintaining the social distancing but we have come across many incidents where even with lockdown our people made a mockery of social distancing and this resulted in increased no of infection nationwide.

Though we are facing many troubles in this lockdown period, our economy is going down, people are afraid of losing their jobs but this is the time when we all come forward as a nation and take a pledge that no matter what we will fight and we will win!

Contributed By – Abhyudaya Raj Mishra

Extension Of Lockdown || The contributor is a student at Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla.

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