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Hindu Law refers to the code of laws applied to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs, governing affairs such as marriage, adoption, succession, divorce etc. Our platform provides you with study material on Hindu law.

Rights of Women under Hindu Law

This article by Nikita Johri aims to enlist and discuss the Rights of Women under Hindu Law in the current era. This article focuses on the rights pertaining to maintenance and property. I. Introduction We have been living in a male-dominated society, where women have been suppressed over time. Since ancient times their positions have deteriorated and the… Read More »

Daughter’s Right to Property: Explained with Case Laws

The present article aims to analyze the daughter’s right to property inheritance in her father’s property, with a primary focus on the persistent gender-discriminatory provisions and conditions before the implementation of the Hindu Succession Act 2005. For the study purpose, the article has provided a detailed overview of the scope of the daughter’s property rights before and after… Read More »

Divorce Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

This article deals with the Concept of Divorce under Hindu law and specifically, under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Divorce is an official decree of a judicial body invalidating the marriage between two persons. The article will look into the meaning, types, and grounds of divorce in India. I. Background Divorce under Prehistoric Hindu laws is considered as… Read More »

Judicial Separation Under Hindu Marriage

This article deals with Judicial Separation under the Hindu Marriage laws. The phrase ‘Judicial Separation’ denotes that it is a separation of husband and wife by the order of a judicial authority such as family courts in case of India. The article discusses the concept of Judicial Separation, grounds, and the effect of judicial separation on different rights.… Read More »

Restitution Of Conjugal Rights Under Hindu Law

This article deals with the concept of restitution of conjugal rights under Hindu law. The term restitution, etymologically, means restoration. This concept comes into place when one of the spouses denies any of the marital rights to the other spouse. For instance, if a husband denies his wife to stay with him under the same roof, it is… Read More »

Nullity of Marriage under Hindu Law | Explained

This article deals with the nullity of marriage under Hindu law, grounds of invalidity, and effect on marriage. The term nullity, lexically, means null and void, i.e. something that has no value in the eyes of the law. The nullity of marriage is a situation under which a marriage becomes void and has no standing in a court… Read More »

Evolution and History of Hindu Marriage

Introduction This article deals with the evolution and history of Hindu Marriage in Indian society. It is divided into several sections for better understanding. The historical point of view from the nomadic lifestyle to the present laws and relevant provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act has also been covered within this article. Different types of marriages, across civilizations,… Read More »