How ‘Achhe’ are the ‘Achhe Din?’ – by Abhinav Ashok

By | January 19, 2019
Achhe Din

How ‘Achhe’ are the ‘Achhe Din?’

The country needed a change from the privileged lineage governing India for a long time. And it was absolutely justified to choose the opposition to keep the competition healthy and development constant.

And so, came in the Modi government. The government took rather positive steps to achieve the goals of the UN by promoting education and health care facilities. The government even took steps to curb the black money entering the market from the Peshawar region of Pakistan and the black money held by the Indian residents by demonetizing 500 and 1000 rupee denominations. The same has been done twice – in 1946 and in 1978 by the Indian government but this demonetization seems to be a rather terrible move on the part of this government.

The ‘Bahubali’ of BJP who is also as good ‘Marc Anthony’, convinced the people to help him with the process of eliminating black money. Though the move gathered a lot of flak from different sections of society because of the utter discomfort caused for months and loss of life in some cases after the move, there were hopes of it having helped but does it seemed to have helped at all? Corruption is a state of mind and irrespective of any move it just wasn’t and nothing can ever be adequate to eliminate corruption. After the process was complete it was found that 99 percent of the money in circulation reverted back so claiming that it helped in any manner would be a big lie and shows that the common man does not have the amount of black money that was intended to be found in the first place. And to account for the remaining one percent, there would be many daily factors contributing to it too.

The reports of fake currency still entering ‘India’ is not unknown of. The common man knows the facts well and is not swayed by hollow comments on it being a process of restoring the economic health of the country. Serious offenders like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi are still at large after committing fraud crimes which also shows that the government clearly aimed at the wrong set of citizens and has not been able to bring them in front of the justice despite the promises of doing so.

The government has failed to deliver to a lot of its agenda and somehow ‘Mandir’ seems to be one of the priorities of the UP government. To name one of the other few major agendas are ‘Gau Raksha’ and changing the names of the places to supposedly restore the greatness of the country. The current world has been shaped by some of the very important turns of events in history and hence their names. In this secular country with the largest constitution, how justified is it to change the names of places to ‘Hindu’ names? The aim of having a democracy is to maintain peace across the diversity and not give chances to spark unrest. It’s almost bizarre to listen to arguments about how keen the BJP representatives are to change the name of the historical city like ‘Hyderabad.’

Nobody is going to agree with the fact that the current politicians are that great enough to change the names of the places that have historical importance. The only justified move to change the name seemed to be that in Andaman and Nicobar Islands that were named after the tyrant British generals. But there was no existence of a geographical India during the existence of The Shahi Sultanate, The Mughals or The Nizams. Allahabad is one of the oldest places with a lot of history was renamed to ‘Prayagraj’ because of the ideologies of a few specific religion centered people.

How about making India great again by taking care of the slipping grip of rupee against Dollar? Why specifically save the Cow? Why not every animal? The last thing that this country needs is a push to people to take law into their own hands to decide people guilty of cow slaughter which has seen a rapid increase during the reign of this government. The government has far too many questions that need to be answered, unlike the interview at the beginning of this year. ‘The Game of Thrones’ seems to be at its peak already with the introduction of the 10% quota just ahead of the polls or even the charge sheet against ABVP president which lay lifeless for the past 3 years.

Even the so-called ‘Pappu’ has been raising rather valid arguments and has already secured some of the major states. It seems like the opposition has rather pointed out the inconsistencies of the present government well which seems to be the feeling of the public as well which reflected directly in the Vidhan Sabha elections in the few states towards the end of 2018. At this point of time the current government has far too many questions, promises to deliver to in order to be the clear winner of the Lok Sabha elections.

By – Abhinav Ashok

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