This article, – How To Crack DU LLB Entrance In 30 Days by Ekta Pareek, is important if you want to pursue law from the Faculty of Law, Delhi University. For admission to DU LLB, candidates have to go through the DU LLB Entrance Test, which is conducted by National Testing Agency. It is an objective paper covering… Read More »

This article, – How To Crack DU LLB Entrance In 30 Days by Ekta Pareek, is important if you want to pursue law from the Faculty of Law, Delhi University.

For admission to DU LLB, candidates have to go through the DU LLB Entrance Test, which is conducted by National Testing Agency. It is an objective paper covering questions from the Indian constitution, polity, English comprehension and grammar, legal aptitude, legal reasoning and current affairs.

The number of subjects might seem overwhelming when you’re about to begin your preparation just a month before. Do not worry. This article will help you strategically plan and divide the syllabus so you can confidently enter the exam hall.

First of all, believe that you can. With proper planning, almost everything is possible. Secondly, look at the previous exam papers. You would ask why before even starting the preparation? That’s because it will help you understand the pattern of the question paper, how much weight is on which subject and what kind of questions can be asked.

Make A Timetable

For example, my timetable looked like this when I was preparing for the exam.


Days Subject/Activity Check
9:00-11:00 AM ALL Constitution:
11:00-12:00 AM Eat/Bath/ Take a slow walk.
12:00-2:00 PM Current affairs/ Monthly
2:00-3:00 PM Lunch/
3:00-5:00 PM Polity and static GK
5:00- 6:00 PM Eat fruits/ Listen to current affairs videos Practice Legal Aptitude/ Reasoning
6:00-8:00 PM Exercise, Eat early dinner, go out for another walk, play with a dog
9:30-10:00 PM Practice English Comprehension

As you can see, I made myself an outline of how my day should look like when I am committing myself to something. Feel free to make your own as you understand your abilities the best.

Practising Question Papers Is A Game Changer

I have already mentioned above that you must look at the previous year’s papers before making a timetable for yourself. It is very important to understand that studying/revising alone doesn’t help. It is extremely important to practice question papers, models and previous year ones.

They not only give you an idea of questions but also improve your speed and confidence. Also, the exam is online, and practice makes you acquainted with the technical difficulties that you might face. I decided to:

  1. Practice three question papers in the first ten days of preparation and increase them to five in the next ten.
  2. In the final week of preparation, you practice one question paper daily.

Note: Remember to be your own examiner and analyze your mistakes after you take the model tests.

Indian Constitution Is Vast, And You’re Panicking?

There is no need to panic. When you analyze the question papers, you will see that the DU LLB exam focuses mainly on Part-III and Part-IV of the Indian Constitution. That is Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of State policy.

One way to memorize the same can be:

  • Make a chart. Hang it in your room and read it aloud. This will make it easier to memorize the articles and what they contain.
  • Ask your family members to quiz you and make it fun.

You can refer to the guide books by Singhal Publications or Universal publications for help. Also, you must refer to the Test Series available at Legal Bites Academy. It will majorly cover the polity bit and static GK part too. Make charts for all that you think you keep forgetting.

Current Affairs: So Much To Read And Little Time?

Honestly speaking, this part was tricky for me as well. So, I decided to look up monthly and weekly current affairs videos on the internet. I also searched websites that publish monthly current affairs under various categories like Politics, Legal field, Sports, Awards etc. Again, my way was to read them and take the online quiz.

I sacrificed my music time to listening to current affairs videos and listened to them even while relaxing.

Why Do I Need To Practice English Comprehension Daily?

As they say, practice makes one perfect. Yes, it’s true that the English part is fairly easy, especially for those who are comfortable with the language. For those who aren’t, it’s good news! But, taking it lightly will prove fatal. It covers around 17 to 20 questions out of a hundred. Practising every day will reduce the load, give you confidence, and improve you.

Legal Aptitude And Reasoning

Well, this part might overwhelm you initially. But, it is really interesting and fun. Don’t worry this won’t require you to read all the Penal codes beforehand. These questions are asked to check your analytical and logical prowess. I made sure to practice 40-50 questions from guides for Legal Aptitude and Reasoning.

Within a week, I started getting some questions right, which increased over 30 days. This part is scoring if you pay attention to the questions and answer them calmly.

Day Scheme

Having a strict day scheme will not help. Remember, your goal is to cover the syllabus and memorize it at the same time. For me, reading 3 or 4 subjects every day worked. By the 15th day, I could see that I have covered a major part of the syllabus. I planned the next 15 days accordingly.

Focus on:

  • Remaining flexible if a strategy doesn’t work for you.
  • Concentrate mainly on Constitution and Polity as they will cover 40 per cent of the syllabus.
  • If you feel that despite reading all the current affairs, you’re still underconfident. Make sure you practice all the other parts and form a stronghold on them.
  • Only memorizing won’t help, take some time to analyze, plan and practice. Studying smart helps in the paucity of time.

Some More Tips Won’t Hurt Anyone!

  • Don’t Take This Lightly: Do not underestimate exercising, taking small walks and eating well. They increase your learning abilities manifolds. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes in the day.
  • Censor Content: For the next 30 days, mind what you’re watching and what music you’re listening to.
  • Watch and listen to things that help you relax and increase your concentration when you’re not studying. Personally, I used to meditate, chanting the OM sound and focusing on a candle in a dark room.
  • Revision: You might think 30 days is too little to cover the syllabus, let alone revise. But that’s not true. Firstly, question papers are helping you revise at the same time.
  • All the time that you have spent analyzing your tests will prove useful during the last week of preparation. As you would know, what parts do you need to revise once more.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. It is possible that you are out of practice for the first few days. If you are not able to sit for the whole 10 hours of your timetable.
  • Don’t get frustrated, sit for 5 hours. Remain consistent, and you will see your sitting time slowly yet surely increasing.
  • Finally, trust yourself and dive into it.

With this Adios and best of luck with your exam! Give your best.

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