In conversation with Ruby Yadav, Mrs. Universe and President of BJP Cultural Cell (Delhi)

By | March 13, 2018
Interview with Ruby Yadav

Ruby Yadav is a Politician from Bharatiya Janata Party in India, a social activist, philanthropist and beauty pageant titleholder beauty queen Mrs. Universe 2015 West Asia. Ms. Yadav contested the 2014 parliamentary elections in South Delhi as an independent candidate, placing fourth with 5% of the vote, She later joined the BJP on 24 June 2014. She is an executive committee member of BJP Delhi State. President of Cultural Cell BJP Delhi State. Recently Mayank Shekhar CEO, Legal Bites got to interview this diva turned politician, here are the excerpts for the same.

Legal Bites: You did your schooling from Muzzafarnagar and then received a masters degree in organic chemistry. Then what made you join politics?

Ms. Yadav: I didn’t plan to join politics but I was working for the society as a social worker for more than 15 years. Thereafter my colleagues and well-wishers suggested joining politics in order to do more good to the society. I do realize that we have to perform different roles in society, basically four – reasonability towards yourself, family, society, and country. Often we miss delivering something vital to our society and country. I am happy that my works for the society are getting recognition.

Legal Bites: Why BJP? You were a social activist at first and then you joined Bhartiya Janta Party. Why did not choose any other party?

Ms. Yadav: My grandfather and even other family members have been working with RSS. They believed in the ideology of RSS and so do I. The organization is devoted to social welfare, as it promotes the ideals of upholding Indian culture and the values of a civil society.

Legal Bites: People must come to you with different problems. What have you observed as the most common problem among the masses? How do you approach it?

Ms. Yadav: Maintaining your composure in the face of political views that conflict with your own is a challenge, but one you can handle with grace. I try to organize and center myself with the virtues and values that are most dear to me and use them as a mantra to help guide my thoughts and behaviors. I am doing my work passionately and enjoying it. And working for the people is like making many hearts happy, so this makes my day.

The most common problem among masses is employment, education, and health. I have been working hard on fighting them, by promoting ventures which can help this cause.

Legal Bites: Was your family supportive of your choices? What is your message to the women who take you as their inspiration?

Ms. Yadav: I believe God has been very kind to me without his blessings and family support I could not run a campaign or serve in a busy job that takes me away from home several days a week for months at a timeMy message to every woman is plain and simple just open your wings, spread them and fly. We are around 50% of the population so we need to contribute to the welfare of the society and the nation. Let us begin by showing a large heart and accommodate and let’s make it an inclusive society.

Legal Bites : Thank you so much for your time and energy.

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