Internship Experience@ ANZ LAWZ, Greater Kailash

By | February 3, 2017

Internship Experience@ ANZ LAWZ, Greater Kailash

Name, College, Year of Study

Rajiv Jain, law Centre-II, 2nd year

Name of Firm, Address

ANZ LAWZ, M-147, Greater Kailash Part-II, New Delhi-110048

Duration of Internship

1 month

Team Strength

The office is quite big and also, the staffs there are large in number. The interns were sitting with associates so that they can learn well.

Application Procedure

One can directly send his resume to along with cover letter. A follow-up mail is required. Then HR gets in touch with you and you’re asked for an interview.


As I stayed nearby, I needed no separate accommodation. However, one can easily find a good PG in the near vicinity in Greater Kailash-II area at finest rates.

First Impression & First Day Formalities

On first day I was told to come to district court directly. On that day he had a case, I was told to observe the proceedings. All the lawyers working there were friendly and there was no need for special formalities except for the proper decorum and respect for the workplace.

Main Tasks

I was allotted work like drafting of replies related to the petitions, proof reading, preparing case summaries etc. We often did a simple case law based research as well whereby the associate asked us to find an apex court authority either in favor/against of a very small/easy proposition. But then he still required a case law on it to suffice his purpose. That is where the real researcher out of you should come out.

Work Environment

The work environment was very friendly, the interns and associates used to have lunch together which was a very fun experience

Best Things

They treat you very professionally. They teach you many things if you are unaware of any topic.

Bad Things

Public Transportation issues .one has to use auto to go to nearest metro and link road bus stand.

What did you do Chill?

There is M block market nearby and one can often go for a walk for 5-10 minutes if he is feeling tried.


No Stipend

Anything else

If one is interested to be a part of litigation, then he / she must intern at ANZ LAWZ.
Biggest Lesson

The internship experience overall is very informative and gives you a peek into the practical world of law.

Mayank Shekhar
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