Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Amarjeet Singh Sahni, Tis Hazari Court, New Delhi

By | June 11, 2017

Name College Year of Study

Pratyush Singh, Amity Law School, Noida

Name of the oorganization& Address

Advocate Amarjeet Singh Sahni, Chamber no 23 & 24, civil side, Tis Hazari District Court, Delhi.

Mobile number- 9810047975


Duration of the internship

25 days

How big was office? Team strength?

The Office was not as big as we except lawyers have in Manhattan but yes it was spacious and properly furnished with all the essentials you need to work comfortably in the office. It can cater 8 people at a time.

Application procedure

I approached the advocate and submitted my C.V. at his chamber.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I was living in Laxmi nagar. The easiest way to commute is by the metro. Tis Hazri metro station is adjacent to the court. So it hardly took me 30 minutes to reach to Tis Hazari from Laxmi Nagar by metro.

First impression, The first day, formalities etc.

My first impression was good. As it was my first internship I was totally new to the work environment of civil court. He gave me an insight how they work in the chamber.

Main tasks 

My main task was to go through various cases civil as well as criminal. I had to attend court proceeding regularly. I also assisted them with the filing of a fresh case & case file inspection etc.

Work environment, people

The work environment was pleasant with ample scope to learn from my seniors. They cleared my doubts whenever we had one. Their approach was quite friendly.

Best things?

The best part was to attend those client counseling sessions and court proceedings with sir. I got to know how a lawyer has to argue in the court proceedings and to deal with his clients.

Bad things?

It was an amazing experience. I can not remember any bad memory of internship under Amarjeet Sir.

What did you do to chill?

You will not get that much time to chill in the working hours but still, I was associated with friendly seniors so I used to have a good talk over the lunch.

Stipend/ month

No specific amount is fixed. It purely depends upon your hard work and dedication. I got 3500 as the stipend. You have to impress him with your work then only you can expect a stipend.

Anything else you’d like to tell

A student must begin one’s internship from a lower court and then jump to a higher court. Those who want to get a good Interning Experience in a District court then they must try it.

Biggest Lessons

I got to learn various forms of drafting legal documents. I understood the actual application of the law.

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