Internship Experience – Sattva Legal Associates, Jammu

By | March 27, 2018

Shivani Dubey, a 3rd-year law student from The Law School, Jammu narrates her Internship Experience at Sattva Legal Associates, Jammu.

Name, College, Year of Study

Shivani Dubey, The Law School, University of Jammu, 3rd Year

Name of the Organization and Address

Sattva Legal Associates
80 A/P, 2
nd Extension, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu

Duration of the internship

08.08.17 to 29.08.2017

Sattva Legal Associates specifically provide a 20 days internship program for law students.

How big was the office and the team strength?

At Sattva, there was a chamber of Adv. Suhasni Vasisatha (Director, SLA) with an adjoining room for the associates and a separate working space for the interns.

Application Procedure

You can apply online by sending an internship application along with your updated CV at After that, you will be called for a Personal Interview at the office which determines your selection.


As I am a native of Jammu, I did not require accommodation. However, rented rooms and PGs are easily available nearby.

First Impression, First Day, Formalities

At the very first day of our internship, we reached the office well before in time. After some time, we were called into the Director’s office for a briefing. She guided us with the rules of the office and assigned us our first task. There were no formalities as such.

Main Tasks

Interns were assigned a variety of individual and collective tasks during the internship period. The main tasks included doing case studies, researching case laws, inspecting case files, proofreading, maintaining case diary, reading J&K laws and legal drafting.

We were fortunate to be given an opportunity to prepare a research memo on a case related to a PIL.

Work Environment, People

The work environment at the office was highly professional. The advocates had an inspiring approach in their dealings and work. As an intern, I learned a great deal from the working atmosphere at Sattva.

Best Things

Unlike other law firms, where the interns were attended with due professionalism and guided well about the tasks assigned to them. Apart from work, sometimes we could get an opportunity to converse with Adv. Suhasni Vasisatha in her chamber regarding miscellaneous legal concepts, which I call the best part of my experience.

Bad Things

My overall experience at SLA was a great learning experience, so other than a short internship program offered by them (20 days only), I found no bad things.

What did you do to chill?

I had two of my classmates interning at the office in the same period. And as I mentioned interns had a separate seating area, we already worked in a stress-free, unpressured and productive manner.

Stipend/ Month

No stipend for interns.

Anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

If you want to learn and work with utmost dedication, this is the place you are seeking.

Biggest Lessons

At Sattva Legal Associates, I learned a great deal about the legal profession and understood many aspects of practicality and applicability of laws. Besides, my experience there gave me a direction and an inspiration for my career advancement.

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