Importance of Internships at Law Firms

By | June 17, 2017

Internships are essential part of students development and overall growth.

It has been seen in various law colleges that internships are not mandatory till 3rd Year, but internship prior to that is on discretion and interest of the student.

If internships are seriously done, there will be enhancement of legal skills not just in academics but also in practicality. A law school teaches us with the basic substantive law which ones needs to know to become a successful lawyer. And internships provide an opportunity to learn about the applications of such laws and concepts in the real world.

It exposes you to the practical life. Helps in building ones resume which accelerates the further number of opportunities after the law school.

Internship can be both paid and unpaid, depending on Firm to Firm and Lawyer to Lawyer.  At various places stipend is provided to the interns on monthly basis. Paid internships require more dedication and long working hours from the interns which may conflict with their college timings. So, students are recommended to apply for internships during vacation. Internships help students get this real-world experience while still in school.


  • Firm gives knowledge and exposure about various fields in which they have practices.
  • Where a student can learn and opt for the field of his interest. It might be IPR, Corporate, and Litigation etc.
  • It lays down an opportunity for a law student to gain familiarity in the legal world and legal practice beyond academics.
  • Timings at law firms are longer which helps a student to enhance its work timings and capable of working for longer.
  • It also provides you an opportunity to work with the team which consists of best of associates having immense knowledge and experience at various fields.
  • During your internship period you get a chance to interact with other co-interns, understand the significance of group work and compatibility. Being in a professional world such compatibility is mandatory.
  • If a student in fascinated towards any particular stream or subject, he may opt for that.
  • Many law students with the intention to get a Future career opportunities work with the firm for months. And with time they may get placed in that very particular law firm.
  • Also connecting with talented employees and providers allows the intern to bond with others in their field.
Contributed By – Aishwarya Agrawal
III Year
Hidayatullah National Law University

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