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By | September 27, 2016
H.M. Mittal

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Prof. Dr. H.M. Mittal is a Professor at Amity Law School, Gurgaon and has retired as a Principal from Department of Law, University of Rajasthan. He is an academician par excellence with a vast and rich experience of 28 years in the field of teaching and research. He is a keen researcher with almost three decades of experience and has to his credit 36 research papers published in various reputed National as well as International Journals/Books. He has presented a multitude of research papers in numerous Seminars and Conferences and is also guiding and supervising LL.M as well as PhD students.

Prof. (Dr.) H.M. Mittal has also authored several books and number of International as well as National Publications. He also writes regularly on contemporary legal issues in National Newspapers. He has been awarded by the Ministry of Law and Justice, New Delhi for his authorship. He has expertise in the field of Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Human Rights. He is at the forefront of Institution building and actively engaged in Clinical Legal Education process.

He enjoys teaching a lot and is a great inspiration. His achievements are many and he is an eminent academician, a passionate teacher and a commendable scholar. Here’s the transcript of the Conversation with Prof. (Dr.) H.M. Mittal.

Legal Bites: Sir, you have seen all sides of the table; starting as a law student to a teacher than an author to an administrator you have done it all. How has the journey been and what are the experiences you would share with our readers?

Prof. (Dr.) H.M. Mittal: It has been an arduous but a rewarding journey. A long haul with many ups and downs but then as has been said: “life not put to test is not worth living”. Mine has been a life put to test. At this moment in time, I feel truly blessed with my exertions having been fully rewarded. I feel contented and fulfilled and this can only be with the Lord’s blessings. I come from a middle-class family and was from a rural area, it was difficult for me to compete in the beginning. But all I’ll say that it is the passion and my hard work which ticked. I recall that in my first attempt I was not able to crack judiciary which brought in more fire in me and in 1986 I ranked third in Rajasthan Judicial Services.

Legal Bites: How will you describe your Working as a Principal for the Law Department at Rajasthan University? Did you bring in any changes?

Prof. (Dr.) H.M. Mittal: I have enjoyed my stay at Rajasthan University and the credit for this goes to my faculty members and students. We did bring a number of changes in the department with regard to focus on research and creation of a congenial environment for study and most importantly I was concerned with openness and transparency in our decision making.

Legal Bites: Sir, what are the opportunities that are open to young law graduates after the five years integrated Law course?

Prof. (Dr.) H.M. Mittal: There is no dearth of opportunities. They can join Bar, Law firms, Law Officers, NGO’s, JAG branch, Judicial Services, further studies and then teaching, then own business or even become authors of good law material. Law is an ever-expanding domain and thus it is useful for almost any profession

Legal Bites: Nowadays we find students, young advocates researching more from software-based journals rather than reference books/manuals for primary research. Some lawyers argue their whole case directly from i-pads/ tablets. Some courts have turned into E-Courts. While the intent is to reduce paper and in turn protect the environment, would you agree that reference books have now come of age and their use will eventually be lost and forgotten to electronic research?

Prof. (Dr.) H.M. Mittal: Personally speaking while e-research has made research easier and less time consuming, there is no substitute for reading the texts and reference books for purposes of comprehensive research. But in the end, it depends upon the quality of research one is willing to put in.

Legal Bites: Sir, Your message to your students across the Country.

Prof. (Dr.) H.M. Mittal: My message to students is there is no shortcut to success. Hard work alone pays. Do not run after short term gains. This is the best time to study law – so be passionate about it.

Thank you so much, sir, for your time and consideration. We wish you all happiness and health in future.

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