Interview with Shri P. K. Sinha – Deputy Legal Manager, Bokaro Steel Plant

By | March 30, 2017

Interview with Shri P. K. Sinha -Deputy legal Manager Bokaro Steel Plant

  • What brought you to the legal profession?

Well, I can say that it was destiny cum choice, as there is no legal background in my home, and I was interested in medical studies but I opted to wear a black coat instead of white. Well on a serious note, there are only two royal professions in this whole globe medical and legal and I am glad that am practicing either of it.

  • How was your graduation era different than today’s law college teaching system?

Well, we had Nano teaching system and very less exposure, the scope of research was limited and there was very less opportunity as compared to today’s teaching methods of ppt and moot Court systems. Today children have more access to information through the internet and different legal websites. In old days we had to rely on library and our teachers and had very lesser opportunities.

  • What skills does law graduate need to get the job in public sector?

In my opinion one must be jack of all trades (know all segments of Civil, Criminal, ADR, Factory laws), must have practical experience, as before qualifying for this post I was practicing independently at Ranchi High court and that experience helped me a lot as here we have to deal with all dimensions of law affecting in work of Bokaro Steel Plant. A relative and substantive a study with practical approach will help you to settle in PSU.

  • What is your view on Internship for law graduate at semester ends?

Actually, for me it’s an excellent way to discover the working of different legal jobs, its mechanism, so you guys must get maximum Internship as opportunity today is more. Use it for maximum to every possible way, surely it will be beneficial for the long run.

  • What suggestions will you like to give for Legal Bites reader?

To all the readers, a note that youth of today generation is having good sources of information and easy access, so use it properly and wisely. You have a good scope of research work and legal bites is a good platform for nourishing you all with your academics and other legal funds. So become ardent reader and Excel well.

(Interview by Kumar Shivam, BA-LLB 4th Year, Maharishi Markandeshwar University)


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