Law Aspirants: How to Prepare and Crack Competitive Exams

By | July 30, 2022
Law Aspirants: How to Prepare and Crack Competitive Exams

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The Article ‘Law Aspirants: How to prepare and crack Competitive Exams’ aims to share the success tips for law students and deals in detail with the steps to be taken in their career and professional life.

Law Aspirants: How to Prepare and Crack Competitive Exams

Law is definitely one of the most respectable professions with a wide range of career opportunities. After completing a three-year or five-year integrated course, students can be ready to choose their profession and start preparing for it. Various Opportunities in moving ahead in the legal field can be as a corporate lawyer, advocate, administrative law officer, public prosecutor, judicial officer, paralegal, solicitor, legal manager, etc. For different jobs, different skills and preparation are required to be placed as per your desire. If you are interested in beginning a career as a professor or want to do a research fellowship, you can go for UGC NET.

Success tips for Law Aspirants: Initial to Final Years

Students should be firm and clear about their area of interest. If one is willing to opt for law as their future, it is better to try for admission to good colleges. Admission to the best law colleges in India is done through various law entrance exams. Everything in life requires hard work and continuous willingness to do the best. Being law students, it is cardinal to have a clear understanding of the legal subjects, and for this, it is imperative to pay attention to all the subjects (IPC, CrPC, Evidence, CPC, Constitution, Family law, etc.) during your college days.

From being fresher until the final year, be it a three or five years course, you will gradually grasp the basics of important legal aspects. In the initial years, it is manifest that some of you may get confused with your future goals. But it is advisable to set the goals as the judiciary, prosecution officer, legal officer, law professor, etc., according to your interest and potential because goals make your vision crystal clear about the direction ahead, and in that perspective, strategies should be followed. 

Target to crack competitive exams with dedication like that of Arjuna, who said to Guru Dronacharya,

“I see the bird only but, not the tree, or thyself. I see only the head of the vulture, not its body.”

When you want to achieve something, you must focus on it. Close out all other distractions and concentrate only on your target.

Be well-versed with legal developments 

Well, it is always beneficial to keep yourself up to date with legal developments and obviously being acquainted with the legal domain, the first and paramount step is to inculcate the habit of reading, and it is suggested that you read and read as much as you can. This surely opens your mind to explore the legal domain. Law is dynamic, so always be handy to the recent changes and their impact on society. It will benefit you when you sit for competitive exams and in your overall career. 

Make use of technological advancement

Law Students should not blindly rely on books; instead, it is sensible to make the best use of technological advancement for understanding legal concepts and practising for various exams. Often we find books are not modified at the speed of the amendments, so it is necessary to know what to study and what should be left. 

Strengthen your weak subjects

It’s the habit of most of the students that they are heedful of their favourite or strong subjects, but this is the time where you need to strengthen your weak subjects also as the golden moments of student life will never come back again in the professional life so utilize your time in a balanced and efficacious manner.

Time Management and Career Opportunities 

As you enter the final year, be more active and keep yourself informed of career opportunities, upcoming jobs, or vacancies. It is always good to build networks. Certainly, internships are crucial to increase your overall potential and confidence because there is always a need to have practical knowledge about your field, as education never means bookish knowledge

Time Management is an important skill. Devote your time to practice for competitive exams in the final year, as it is often found that even brilliant students lag behind due to their inability to manage time well.

Success can be achieved only through study as well as practice. In order to be a champion in your papers before an exam, you need to solve previous year’s papers and take mock tests, and you will be aware of the pattern, time management, marks, and everything for the competitive exam.  Thus, regular and sincere practice is the key to acing any competitive exam.

Hard Work: Way to achieve the goal

So, it’s truly said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

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