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By | July 22, 2018
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Law Library – Legal Bites is proud to bring you law notes and study materials with a clear objective of assisting and helping students in their exam preparation and research.   The section adheres to the syllabus of all major law subjects taught in the law schools and deals with the most important topics in a comprehensive manner. Legal Bites is for the law students of the students and by the students. So keep contributing and generating smiles … because together we can!

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Administrative Law

Civil Procedure Code

Company Law

Competition Law

Constitutional Law

Contract Law

Criminal Procedure

Cyber Laws

Environmental Laws

Hindu Law

Human Rights

Indian Legal System

Indian Penal Code

International Law

International Trade Law

Interpretation of Statutes


Labour Law

Legal Method

Law of Evidence

Law of Torts

Muslim Law

Property Law

Women and Child Rights

Quotes and Maxims

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Hopefully, the contents will be useful to every reader who visits us. Although, it has been prepared with the utmost diligence and hard work any suggestions or inadvertent errors if any, pointed out by the esteemed reader will be welcomed and thankfully acknowledged. Every contribution toward a goal is valuable, regardless of how small it may be.

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