Law School Review@ GD Goenka University Gurgaon

By | January 23, 2017

Law School Review@ GD Goenka University Gurgaon

Name of the Student


Name of Law School

School of Law, GD Goenka University

Location of Law School

Sohna Gurgaon Road, Haryana

Website of the Law School

Infrastructure of your College

  • The GD Goenka Education City is set on 60 acres of the ancient and picturesque Aravalli hills for a backdrop. The high-tech Millennium City, Gurgaon, and the National Capital Region are just a stone’s throw away. The meticulously maintained grounds, playing fields, sporting amenities and impressive buildings reveal the University passion for excellence in all that it does.
  • The lush green beauty and the infrastructure are the USP of the university. I can bet that after seeing the reception it would be hard for you to say no for admission.
  • The whole campus has centralized A.C. and wifi facility.
  • Classrooms are well built with projectors and charging points.
  • The hostels are situated within the campus and are separate for boys and girls with all the amenities and Multi cuisines are available for the students.
  • The campus is filled with sports facilities.
  • Fuel Zap, Caterman, well equipped and well-planned refectories, canteens and dining halls ensure healthy, hygienic food to nourish you and keep you on the move.

Faculty and Academics

  • College hours are from 9.40 in the morning. Each class duration is 50 minutes. Undoubtedly, Goenka law school has the best Criminal Law faculty and the other faculties are also well experienced in most of the cases. However, sometimes you find few of them to unable to maintain the standard of teaching.
  • There is transparency in the evaluation process. Even classroom participation is one of the criteria for internal evaluation.
  • Classroom teaching includes presentation based teaching along with workshops.
  • Also, there is a unique concept of Inter-Disciplinary Project. in which students from all the different branches come together and complete a given project as a team.
  • Amalgamators and minors in a totally different field allow students to explore and chisel diverse skill sets.

Administration and Fee structure

Both the hostel and the tuition fees are more than Rs 2 Lac per year and it increases every year. There are separate fees for laundry service and fitness club membership.

Student Culture and activities

  • Sports fest called as Sportopia is held in the college with participation from various colleges across the country.
  • Every year, moot court competitions are also held in the university with participation from international teams as well.
  • No matter what course you join, you surely will be a party to the exciting events, workshops, seminars, and conferences.
  • Apart from this, various clubs in the university organize competitions on a regular basis.
  • Udyami Bazaar, especially for Diwali, is organized within the campus which is the genesis of student entrepreneurship.
  • To keep the students enlightened with knowledge, there are many workshops conducted in the college for students and faculties. Apart from that various certificate courses ranging from different fields are held regularly in the college.
  • The Cultural Fest of GDGU- “Acceleron” that brings talent and creativity to the fore.


Though the campus is situated quite far from the city but the beauty of Aravalli Hills could be seen from the campus. Even, there are many housing projects in the vicinity of the campus.


You will witness the best of the companies visiting the campus.

Best things about your law school

The amazing Dean and faculty members who are ever ready to help you and encourages you to do better and achieve more. – The ever growing mooting culture.

Worst things about your law school

Since it is a private university so, there is no financial support from the college to encourage students for participation in competitions.

Anything else you would like to mention

  • The campus and sports facilities are of the highest standard to help you destress yourself. For rejuvenation, one can find the spa and salon facility within the campus. you will see eminent legal personalities visiting the campus and interacting with you.
  • Replete with a state of the art fitness center, swimming pool, emerald green trees, cobbled pathways and vibrant dining halls, life on GDGU campus is comfortable, exciting and well provided. Most people find it breathtaking at first glance. Once you are in, you learn to love the cosmopolitan culture of the campus and count your blessings
  • Also, University organizes legal aid camps and street plays to make awareness about the social causes prevailing in the society.
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