Law School Review@University Law College, Bhubaneshwar

By | March 28, 2017

Law School Review@University Law College, Bhubaneshwar


University Law College is a part of the premier university of Odisha i.e. Utkal University. The college is Res Ipsa Loquitur i.e. the thing speaks for itself. The curriculum is designed by the Bar Council of India and University Grant Commission, New Delhi. It is also accredited by N.A.C.E.

Name of Law Student


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University Law College, Bhubaneswar


It’s located in the heart of the city at Vani Vihar. It’s about 200m from the Utkal University.

Official website/web page


It mainly consists of two building. The main building contains the office and classrooms. The other building contains the library and auditorium. The college isn’t a big area but well-spaced.

Hostel Facility

The hostel was recently inaugurated in 2016 for girls only with 40 seats accommodating 4 girls in each room thereby, making a total of 10 rooms. Otherwise, we have many PG’s nearby the college. For boys there is no hostel facility. They prefer PG’s.

Faculty and Academics

There are three permanent faculty and rest are guest faculty for various subjects.

Administration and Fee structure

An all Odisha entrance exam will be conducted for the admission process. The top 120 students cracking the entrance will be admitted. 60 to ULC, Bhubaneswar and another 60 to Madhusudan Law College, Cuttack. For the 5years course the fees is Rs. 35,500 and much lower for the 3years course.


As of now we don’t have a cafeteria.

Student culture and activities

We have a moot court society and debating society at our college. Moot courts are held on yearly basis. Annual function and sport events are not be missed where the talents of ULC shine out. The students ae bringing laurels to our college in MUN’s, Quiz, Client Counselling and Sports as well.


We don’t have a placement cell.

Best things

Students are self-motivated and take the initiative on their own. Students in ULC are judiciary service oriented and majority of the judicial officers recruited each year consists of ULCians. The alumni of ULC are faculties at NLU’s, law officers at PSU’s and law firms as well. The duration of our classes is 3 hours which makes it possible for us to pursue internships, volunteer and take up courses.

Worst things

The only thing which I think we lack is a training and placement cell.

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