Call for Submissions: Maya – A Gender & Sexuality Magazine (Vol. 1, Issue 4)

By | August 23, 2019
Maya A Gender and Sexuality Magazine

Maya is a unique initiative of the LGBTQI+ community of Jindal Global University, Sonipat (India). We seek to provide an avenue for discussions on issues of gender and sexuality. Maya does not hope to merely limit itself to theorizing upon individuals’ gender and sexuality, but rather document the lives of those individuals at different places and stages of life.

As you may be aware, Maya has already published its third issue and we would like to thank you all for your contributions and support for the same.

What are we looking for?

Maya seeks new and original writings (fiction or nonfiction), articles, poetry, book/film reviews, opinion pieces, campus reports, research studies, art, memes & photography.

Who Can Submit?

Students, academicians, research scholars, and activists are welcome to contribute to the magazine. The deadline for submission is 6th September 2019. We will be publishing our forthcoming issue (Volume 1, Issue 4) by the end of September.

Submission Guidelines and Procedure

  • We prefer submissions that do not exceed 1,500 words in length. However, the Magazine is flexible on the word count depending on the quality of the submission.
  • All submissions to the Magazine should be original and should not be simultaneously considered by any other publication.
  • Each submission will be reviewed by one or more editors of the Magazine who retain their absolute discretion in determining whether to accept a submission and, if accepted, whether the submission requires revisions.
  • Each submission must be accompanied by a two-line description giving a brief of the content. Show the love. No sexist/racist/homophobic/casteist/transphobic content.

Submissions must be sent to Authors must include their brief biographical information (in no more than two lines). This information should include institutional affiliation and corresponding email address.

We accept anonymous submissions. However please indicate your pen name and affiliation (e.g. law student at Jindal Global Law School). Please upload anonymous submissions on the Dropbox Link.


If any contributor has any queries or would like to discuss a proposal, please email us at


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