Five Things You Should Know About Meeting With a Lawyer for the First Time

By | March 2, 2022
Meeting With a Lawyer for the First Time

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Finding a lawyer is something nobody does in compelling circumstances. Unfortunately, for most people, it’s due to personal injury, accusations lobbed against them, or other issues most of us would rather avoid. 

Because of this, most people get nervous the first time they meet their prospective attorneys. These are five things you should know when you meet a lawyer for the first time, and why talking to them matters and shouldn’t be scary.

It’s Best to Be Organized

Before you talk to any lawyers and before you start on your way into a court case, you must get as organized as possible.  If you’re hiring a personal injury lawyer, make sure you collect all documentation of your injury, what led to it, and everything you’ve gone through since it happened.  

This will start your working relationship with them on the right foot and will ensure that you’re able to reach an agreement on how your case should be approached. 

Talk to Them Before Police

Talk to your lawyers before you talk to the police: especially if you’ve been accused of something. Police listen for specific terms, watch for certain body language, and pay attention to tones, more than you’d expect. This can make them dismiss a case they should be focusing on or assume someone is guilty even though they’re just nervous. 

Having your lawyer with you will ensure that you’re prepared for these conversations and will give you the chance to come out clear on the other side. They’re used to these interactions and won’t shy away from them. 

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Be honest with your lawyer. Even if you’re worried it might incriminate you, or it’s embarrassing information: if it matters for the case, you need to tell them. This open communication will ensure that they have your back and that they won’t be surprised by anything that could hurt your case once you get to the courtroom. If you want a good lawyer on your side, you must clarify that you’re not hiding anything from them.

You’re Interviewing them for a Job

Although many are nervous the first time they meet with a lawyer, it’s important to remember that you’re the one interviewing them for a job. Talk to them the same way you’d talk to anyone else.  If they don’t seem interested in your case or aren’t someone you feel you can trust, there’s no shame in moving on to your next option and interviewing another lawyer. Your case deserves its fair share of attention; make sure you get the right eyes on it so that you can win.  

Meeting With a Lawyer Shouldn’t be Scary

Whether you’re meeting to discuss a personal injury lawsuit, or you’ve been accused of something and need a good lawyer on your side: don’t be too nervous about the first time you meet a lawyer. Instead, take your time with them seriously, and make sure they’re someone who will fight the way you need them to.

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    A perfect go-through guide for the laymen to approach lawyers for the first time confidently.

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    Well Insightful. Your lawyer is here to defend you, not to judge you.


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