MHRD Scheme on Global Initiative of Academic Network (GIAN) National Law University, Jodhpur PATENTS, SPECIALIZED LICENSES & ISSUES 13th-17th April,2017

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National Law University, Jodhpur


a) Determine parameters that are considered essential to enter into any license transaction especially those that involve business and technological innovation, in any specialized industry such as music, software, oil and gas, brand-reliant companies such as Sonic and more;

b) The students will learn how terms of licenses helps commercialize technology in different industries, especially focusing on software, business methods and oil and gas. c) Students will also work on understanding the documentation requirements for a license, for creating an organization that sets licensing standards (Standard Setting Organization) and appreciate the requirements of licensees (that needs the technology on certain universal terms) and the licensor (that is willing to license on existing terms). Students working as licensee and licensor groups to identify issues that plagues the licensing regime currently such as – remedies under the statute, prevention of importation under the International Trade Commission jurisdiction for the representatives of licensees and issues relating to take-over effects on the representatives of licensors.

d) The course will also help students develop important skills as attorneys such as appreciating client business, knowing the facts that help them work in a situation, prioritizing negotiable issues based on the legal effect, negotiation, setting up license based organizations, contract drafting, extent and reach of disclosure issues and more.

Who can attend Course details:

Students at all levels (LL.B.; LL.M., M. Phil, Ph.D) or Faculty from reputed academic institutions.

Examination for students:

1. Software & telecommunication patents – 1.30 hours

2. Biotechnology patents – 1.30 hours

3. International trade issues and questions therefrom – 2 hours

4. Licenses – in telecommunication patents – 3 hours

5. FRAND licences & issues – 1 hours

6. FRAND issues in India – 1 hour

7. Biotechnology licences – 2 hours

8. Biotechnology issues and social impact – 1 hour

9. Biotechnology license, trade and India – 1 hour ·

Important Dates:

17 April, 2017

Registration Fees

External Participants : Rs. 3000/- Internal

Internal Participants :Rs. 500/-

Registration Opens: 10 February, 2017

Registration Closes: 1 April, 2017

Accommodation Requests:   Before 1 April, 2017

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