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Muslim Law is the personal law of Muslims and deals with aspects such as marriage, adoption, divorce, succession etc. Our platform provides you with an in-depth understanding of Muslim Law and its basic principles through our well-designed study material.

Guardianship of the Property

Legal Guardianship of the minor’s property: Under Muslim law following parsons, in the order of performance, are recognized as the legal guardian of a minor’s property- father Executor appointed by the father under a will. Paternal grandfather Executor appointed by the paternal grandfather under a will.[1] The guardian of a minor’s property belongs primarily to the father who… Read More »

Guardianship for Marriage and Apostasy of Marriage Guardian

The marriage of a boy or girl under the age of puberty is not valid unless a marriage-guardian contracts it. A ‘marriage guardian’ is a person who, under Muslim law, is authorized to contract the marriage for a minor. This authority is termed as Guardianship for Marriage. (wilayat–e-nikah). Guardianship for marriage is a different type of guardianship and… Read More »