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National Law University Jodhpur is going to conduct a Certificate Course on Animal Rights Law

Course Dates

28th February – 10th March 2018


India is home to several religious and social traditions advocating non-violence and compassion towards animals, it is also one of the countries that have a very good legal framework to ensure animal welfare and is rated “C” on the Animal Protection Index which is higher than some of the developed nations such as the U.S.A. and quite high in comparison to other Asian counterparts. India is also blessed with a diverse flora and fauna second only probably to African nations which makes the conservation and protection of animals a key issue for our nation.

In this course, our focus will be on the laws that affect non-human animals (animals) including companion animals, animals used for entertainment purposes, animals used in scientific experimentation and wild animals. The course will deal with the questions such as: whether animals enjoy the rights guaranteed under the Constitution? What role does culture and belief play in this area? Can animals’ own property? What are the barriers to the increased protections for animals?

The course will focus mainly on Indian law but will also include significant attention to international law and the laws in Switzerland, U.K. and New Zealand as they have a very comprehensive legal regime to ensure animal rights and welfare and may guide us towards a better animal rights regime.

Course Outline

Module I: Introduction to Animal Rights Law

  • Recognition of non-human animals as sentient beings / Do animals have rights?
  • Animal Rights Advocacy: a background
  • Theories regarding animal rights
  • Role of culture & belief in animal welfare

Module II: Legislative Framework

  • International Instruments
  • Role of International Organizations
  • Provisions in the Constitution of India, 1950
  • Legislative framework in India for the protection and welfare of animals
  • Comparative provisions in U.K.
  • Comparative provisions in Switzerland
  • Comparative provisions in New Zealand

Module III: Key Legal Issues

  • Cruelty towards animals
  • Experimentation on animals / Testing of medical & cosmetic products on animals
  • Conservation of species
  • Trading in animal products – leather, fur, ivory, etc.
  • Illegal smuggling of animal products
  • Animal breeding (factory farming, gestation crates, genetic engineering), pet shops and aquariums
  • Animals in entertainment
  • Can animals’ own property

A detailed reading list and materials will be provided to the students for every module.


Registration Fees

  • External Participants: Rs. 10,000/-
  • Internal Participants: Rs. 7,000/-


Accommodation will be provided on request in the University on first come first serve basis on applicable University charges. There are many good fair price lodgings available nearby the campus.

Important Dates

Registration Opens:

10th December 2017

Registration Closes:

25th February 2018

Accommodation requests before:

25th February 2018


Ms. Rosmy Joan
Assistant Professor of Law
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Email: [email protected]

Ms. Vini Singh
Assistant Professor of Law
Phone: +91-7014447017
Email: [email protected]

National Law University
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