Trial in Summons Cases | Step by Step

Introduction to Summons Cases The Criminal Procedure Code of 1973 is, as is clearly indicated by its title, a comprehensive enactment laying down the law relating to criminal procedure. But it is worth mentioning that the code is not a pure adjective law of procedure; there are some provisions in it which take the nature of substantive law. For… Read More »

Procedure of Trial Before Sessions Court

Introduction Sessions Court is the court that deals with criminal cases at a district level. To be more precise, it deals with the more serious warrant cases. It cannot take cognizance directly of any offense except in cases of defamation as given u/s 199 of CrPC. In rest other, a competent magistrate takes cognizance and commits the case… Read More »

Start-up in India and Economic Growth

India has seen a significant growth in entrepreneurship lately, and start-ups are beginning to dramatically impact the economy. With an average age of 28, India’s entrepreneurs rank among the youngest in the world. Formalization of India’s start-up economy is also increasing, with funding for start-up companies more than doubling between 2014 and 2015. The top MBA Colleges from… Read More »

Provision of Appeal under Criminal Procedure Code

Introduction The term “appeal” has not been defined in the code. According to the dictionary meaning, an appeal is a complaint or grievance to a superior court for reconsideration or review of a decision, verdict or sentence of a lower court.[1] It has been said that every human being is fallible and a judge is not an exception.… Read More »

Plea Bargaining: Concept, Features, Object and Analysis

Introduction In India, Plea Bargaining has certainly changed the face of the Indian Criminal Justice System. It is applicable in respect of those offences for which punishment is up to a period of 7 years. Moreover, it does not apply to cases where the offence committed is a Socio-Economic offence or where the offence is committed against a… Read More »

Honour Killing: The Cruelty of Society and Casteism

Honour Killing, a practice where an individual is killed by the family members or any other relative as a reason for getting them married in another caste or religion. It is a very common practice in Indian society. Although it is not backed by law yet, it is prevalent in current Indian society. It is considered a sin… Read More »

CCI’s Panel Discussion on Development of Competition Law in India (6th Oct, Indian Law Institute, New Delhi) : Registration Open

Faculty of Law, SGT University Gurgaon in association with Legal Bites is jointly organizing a Panel discussion on Development of Competition Law in India at the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. About CCI – Competition Commission of India Competition is the best means of ensuring that the ‘Common Man’ or ‘Aam Aadmi’ has access to the broadest range… Read More »

Seminar on Implications of Science and Technology on Law and Society, Panjab University [Oct 27, Ludhiana]: Registration Open

This Panjab University Seminar on Implications of Science and Technology on Law and Society is expected to come up with a set of recommendations that can be used as a reference for policy makers. The policy document, in the form of book (with ISBN number), would be published documenting the suggestions and recommended measures to positively use and legally… Read More »

Best Memorial: 5th IMS National Moot Court Competition, 2017

5th National Moot Court Competition, 2017- IMS Unison University IMS Unison University’s jubilant 5th National Moot Court Competition came to a close in the Valedictory ceremony embellished by Chief Guest Mr. Mahesh Chandra Kaushiwa, (HJS) Additional Secretary, Law  &  Justice cum Additional  Legal  Remberance, Law Adviser , Government of Uttarakhand. The exultant Finals were followed by the Valedictory… Read More »