Insolvency and Bankruptcy Symposium 2019 at NLU, Delhi [Nov 10-11]

About the Organisations The Centre for Transnational Commercial Law (CTCL) at National Law University, Delhi, in collaboration with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India, INSOL India, SIPI, and supported by UNCITRAL RCAP and UNCC India is organising the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Symposium 2019 on 10th and 11th of November 2019 at National Law University, Delhi. About the Symposium The event consists of a Conference scheduled on the 10th of November, and a Researchers and Academic… Read More »

Brief Overview of Citizenship Act, 1955

Article 11 expressly empowers Parliament to make laws to provide for such matters and, accordingly, Parliament has enacted the Citizenship Act, 1955, to provide for the acquisition and determination of Indian citizenship. Introduction – Citizenship Act, 1955 The Republic of India is the federal country having two levels of government i.e. Centre and State where there is only single… Read More »

Historical background and evolution of the Indian Constitution

The historical background and evolution of the Indian Constitution can be studied under The Company Rule (1773-1858) and The Crown Rule (1858 –1947). Introduction Colonial rulers had employed and devised in managing Indian affairs and some legacy of The British system of administration can be noticed in Indian polity and constitution. This historical background and evolution of the… Read More »

How to Develop a Business Plan Towards Starting a New Law Firm?

Legal services business in India stands at more than US$1.3billion annually. With more than 600,000 lawyers practicing as individuals or at law firms or owning legal services companies, this figure isn’t something astounding. However, India ranks as the second-largest market for legal services worldwide, trailing behind only the US. And the market is growing at a fairly rapid… Read More »

Defamation: Meaning and Exceptions

INTRODUCTION Law provides safeguards for a person’s reputation similar to the protection it provides to his life and property. Indian Penal Code has provisions to punish offenders for committing defamation against the state under Section 124A and defamation of class contained in Section 153. Additionally, Chapter XXI of IPC deals with defamation of a person. SECTION 499, IPC… Read More »

Internship Experience: Legal Bites

Tejas Vasani a 3rd year (B.A. LL.B.) student of GLS Law College, Ahmedabad shares his internship experience at Legal Bites. Duration of the Internship 12th July 2019- 12th September 2019. Application Procedure I applied for the internship through Internshala portal. The procedure required me to fill up certain details on the portal itself. After about one month, I… Read More »