Lawrence v Texas | Decriminalising Homosexuality

This article titled ‘Lawrence v Texas- Decriminalising Homosexuality’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and discusses the decriminalizing of homosexuality. I. Introduction Homosexuality is the physical, mental, sexual attraction between members of same-sex or gender. The term homosexual is a hybrid of Latin and Greek words. The common alternatives to the term homosexual are gay, lesbians, LGBTQ. Since the very… Read More »

Racial Discrimination-a hurdle?

This article titled ‘Racial Discrimination-a hurdle?’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and aims to discuss discrimination on the basis of race and restricts it to the contest of the US. I. Introduction Inequality exists everywhere, perhaps it is the everydayness of inequality that makes it look like it is justified. There are numerous basis of such inequality like religion,… Read More »

Professor R V Dhanapalan Moot Court Competition | The Central Law College, Salem | 19 Nov – 21 Nov, 2021

Professor R V Dhanapalan Moot Court Competition (Second National Moot Court Competition) will be organized by The Central Law College, Salem from 19th-21st November 2021. A scanned copy of the filled registration form and D.D. shall be sent to [email protected] About the Organising Institution The Central Law College Salem is recognised by the Bar Council of India, New… Read More »

Criminal Law and Freedom of Speech

This article on ‘Criminal Law and Freedom of Speech’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and explores the limits imposed by the USA on the criminalisation of speech. I. Introduction Freedom of expression is an immensely important right for every individual and free speech is an inseparable part of it. First amendment offers a descriptive view of the free… Read More »

Causation and Harm as elements

This article titled ‘Causation and Harm as elements’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and discusses their importance as the elements of a crime. I. Introduction Criminal acts have three elements and two of them are sine qua non for every crime. An act comprising of criminal act and intent are at times also known as ‘conduct’. Model penal code… Read More »

National Institute of Corrections

This article titled ‘National Institute of Corrections’ is written by Nilanjana Banerjee and discusses the role, functioning etc of the NIC. I. Introduction The US being the home to the highest number of prisoners needs a proper administrative agency to regulate the functioning of prison authorities. This is where NIC i.e. National Institute of Corrections comes into play. It… Read More »

Prestige International Diplomacy Summit | PIMR, Department of Law

Prestige International Diplomacy Summit is being organized by PIMR, Department of Law. The Department of Law is pleased to announce its very 1st edition of the Prestige International Diplomacy Summit to be organized on October 9th and 10th, 2021. Prestige IDS aims to offer a platform to both beginner and veteran students to discuss and deliberate on issues… Read More »

Prostitution in the United States

This article titled ‘Prostitution in the United States’ is written by Antariksh Anant and discusses the legality of prositution in USA and the laws surrounding the same. I. Introduction Prostitution laws deny anybody from giving or offering to give sexual conduct in return to money or some other type of compensation. They likewise rebuff the individuals who offer sex for… Read More »