United Nations Human Rights Council – Overview and Function

This article deals with the origin of Human Rights Council, reformation of commission to council, complaint procedure, functions and its strengthening process. The Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental body within the United Nations system responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and addressing the situation of human rights violations. I. Introduction… Read More »

Limitation for Filing Written Statement under CPC

In a civil suit, the defendant has to file a written statement within a specified time period. The limitation for filing a written statement has undergone several changes since the CPC came into force. This article endeavours to examine the limitation of filing the written statement and judicial pronouncements on the same. I. Limitation to File Written Statement… Read More »

Call for Blogs Re-imagining Gender-Based Policies | RSSR

About Call for Blogs Re-imagining Gender-Based Policies The RSRR Editorial Board invites submissions from students, academicians, lawyers and other professionals from the legal fraternity on a rolling basis on the theme “Re-imagining Gender-Based Policies: Towards a More Inclusive Society for Different Genders”. The submission may deal with any contemporary issue within the broad theme. The selected blogs will… Read More »

Extradition and Asylum: Concept and Important Case Laws

Extradition and Asylum are political acts of States and it differs from state to state depending upon treaties, internal and external policies. Introduction It is quite possible for a person to escape to another State after committing a crime in his own State. Such cases have started occurring more frequently with the result of the development of air… Read More »

Important Doctrines related to International Law

These are some important doctrines related to International Law, which would help law students and scholars getting a closer and a clearer view into the judgments and enforcement of international law. Introduction International law is a system of treaties and agreements between nations that govern how nations interact with other nations, citizens of other nations, and businesses of… Read More »

Transnational Organized Crimes: India; A Battleground

The article provides an insight into the form and factors concerning Transnational Organized Crimes and analyses the hurdles in achieving the prevention of the same, as well as provides suggestions with regard to the curbing of Transnational Organized Crimes. I. Introduction – Transnational Organized Crimes Considering the recent ages the word “Crime” seems to have outgrown its standards… Read More »

Essentials of a Valid Contract under The Indian Contract Act

I. Introduction – Essentials of a Valid Contract To form a valid contract, every contract must fulfil the ‘Essentials of a Valid Contract’. Section-10 of the Indian Contract Act,1872 specifies some conditions which need to be satisfied in the mandate to create a valid contract. A contract is defined under Section-2(h) of The Contract Act, 1872 means “any agreement which… Read More »

The Evolution of Payment Systems In The Digital Era

The rapid rise of technology has changed everything in the business world. When it comes to payment systems, the digital revolution has completely re-shaped how we make transactions. Not too long ago, we used to rely on cash and checks for purchases, but now there are far more advanced payment methods, all of which are supported by reliable cybersecurity.… Read More »

Appearance and Non-Appearance of Parties before a Court

Order IX of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 or CPC deals with the appearance of plaintiff and defendant before a court and also highlights the consequences of non-appearance. This article shall analyse various provisions of Order IX and also explain the several consequences in case of non-appearance by the parties to a suit. I. Setting the Frame To… Read More »