Abolition of Dual Judicial System

The 1857 revolt/mutiny opened the eyes of the British Parliament to the corrupt administration of the Company and to the total lack and complete dissatisfaction of the natives with the administration of justice in India. It was felt that more and more natives should be allowed to participate in the governance of the country if the British were… Read More »


In 1765, the company entered into an agreement with the Emperor whereby it obtained the diwani of the three provinces of the Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. In Warren Hastings prepared the first judicial plan. It was the first step to regulate machinery of administration of justice and the plan being a landmark in the ial history become famous… Read More »

The Gram Nyayalayas Act – Nyaya Panchayat, Lok Adalat and Legal aid Nyaya Panchayat

The village panchayats constitute very old and traditional/administrative institution in India. With the decline of Mughal empire and advent of British power, this institution lost its prestige and importance. But, during the later part of the British period they made some effort to restore the condition of village panchayat with Village Court Acts of 1888. which created panchayat… Read More »


FIRST, A Panchayat is a full-fledged court which is established to entertain disputes of both civil and criminal nature. It collects and takes evidence and gives a decision on the case before it where as Lok Adalat is not a full pledged court, rather it is an institution for handling disputes by conciliation. It aims at arriving at… Read More »


The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, was enacted to give a statutory base to legal aid programmes throughout the country on a uniform pattern. The Act was brought into force with effect from Nineth September one thousand nine hundred ninety five, almost eight years after its enactment, after certain amendments were introduced therein by the Amendment Act of… Read More »

Lok Adalats at a Glance

Lok Adalats at a Glance | Overview Introduction Legality of Lok Adalats Cognizance of cases by Lok Adalats Powers of (Lok Adalat Or Permanent Lok Adalat) Structure of  Lok Adalats Types of Lok Adalats Lok Adalats are para-judicial institutions and, as the name suggests it is people’s court which is meant for the general masses like middle-class people and… Read More »

Working of the Court

THE PATNA CASE In the words of Dr. M. P. Jain, the Patna case exposed the judicial administration of the Company. In fact the Patna case is an illustration of various defects and weaknesses in the adalat system in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. The facts of the case were as given below, One Shahbaz Beg, a soldier in… Read More »

NLU Jodhpur’s 1st Pranita Mehta Memorial Essay Competition 2016 [Prizes Worth Rs. 30,000]: Register by Nov 15 and Submit by Jan 15

Corporate Law Society (CLS), National Law University (NLU) Jodhpur is pleased to announce the 1st Pranita Mehta Memorial Essay Competition, 2016 in memory of Ms. Pranita Mehta, an exceptional student of NLU, Jodhpur. About Pranita About Ms. Pranita Mehta An epitome of excellence and diligence, Ms. Pranita Mehta was an outstanding student at NLU, Jodhpur (Batch of 2017).… Read More »

UPES’ 7th Dr. Paras Diwan Memorial International Energy Law Moot [7-9 April, Dehradun]: Register by Nov 26

7th Dr. Paras Diwan Memorial International ‘Energy Law’ Moot Court Competition will be held from 7th-9th April, 2017. Important Dates Dates of the Competition- 7th-9th April, 2017 Last date for Submission of Memorial- 25th February, 2017 Last date for Registration- 26th November, 2016 Last date for Provisional Registration- 21st October, 2016 Release of Compromis, Rules and Schedule of the Competition- 30th September, 2016 Registration Procedure… Read More »

Career Advice

Why law? Why law – India is such a place, where maximum parents want their wards to come out with Engineering or a Medical degree. Well, here is a fact that needs to be known that 1.5 Million of Engineers graduates every year and 20-33% out of the 1.5 million engineering graduates passing out run the risk of not… Read More »