NLU Jodhpur: Journal on Governance | Call for Papers Volume IV Issue II

Journal on Governance, National Law University Jodhpur is inviting submissions of original articles and comments for Volume IV Issue II with a deadline of receipts of submission being 15th July 2021.   About the Journal The Centre for Corporate Governance is a research hub under the rubrics of National Law University, Jodhpur, dedicated to research and development of governance standards… Read More »

The Role of Mental Health in the Legal Field

Having an understanding of mental health can be applied to many aspects in legal settings, which is why professionals are frequently brought on board to assist with things. In this article, you will learn about some of the various applications that mental health concepts can have in this field and understand their importance. Psychology & Criminality Perhaps the… Read More »

Fukushima Wastewater Decision | Impact and Japan’s International Legal Obligation

In this article, we will analyse whether the Fukushima Wastewater Decision is in violation of Japan’s International Legal Obligation. Further, we will understand the expected impact on Environment. I. Introduction Amidst the Covid-19 crisis when the world is already suffering from a number of Environmental problems, the Government of Japan’s recent decision to further contaminating the environment by… Read More »

Is the World on the Way to Abolish the Death Penalty?

In recent years, a lot of progress has been made in terms of trying to abolish the death penalty. Hopefully, the numbers of executions worldwide keep going down and soon capital punishment can become a cruel punishment of the past. Is the World on the Way to Abolish the Death Penalty? Capital punishment deprives individuals of the right… Read More »

How To Increase Law Firms Website Traffic Using Social Media?

Are you struggling with using social media strategies for your law firm? Read this article to find out how to generate more traffic on your website. Introduction Using social media platforms as a marketing channel to get more audience and clients over your page or website has been one of the most popular strategies of the year. Moreover,… Read More »

Legal General Knowledge and Current Affairs for Competitive Exams, Students, Lawyers and Judges

Legal General Knowledge and Current Affairs is an important criterion to evaluate candidates’ curiosity and intelligence quotient (IQ) about wide-ranging topics. There are instances where questions on science, polity, environment in preliminary examination overlap with general knowledge of these subjects. We have modelled our study material as per the requirements of almost all competitive exams and a current… Read More »

Protection of rights of victims in Criminal Justice System

The present article elaborately discusses the rights of victims in the Criminal Justice System, with a special focus on the Indian scenario. The victimology movement, which has recently been seen to emerge in many parts of the world, suggests making victims a crucial part of the criminal justice system by giving them equal opportunities to be heard at… Read More »

The Human Rights of Under Trial Prisoners in India

In this article, the human rights of Under Trial Prisoners in India are discussed in detail. In India, the government took various measures in the post-colonial period to reform prison institutions to correctional institution and to equally promote the rights of the prisoners in the country. However, the treatment of under trial prisoners is still not satisfactory in… Read More »