Sociological School Of Jurisprudence

The sociological school considers law as a social phenomenon and examines the law in relation to society. The supporters of sociological jurisprudence linked law with other social science disciplines and treated it as a synthesis of psychology, philosophy, economics, political science, sociology, etc. Law, according to them, was an applied science employing functional methods of investigation and analysis for… Read More »

Motive, Preparation and Conduct

Let us discuss the concepts of motive, preparation and conduct in further detail in light of the provisions of section 8 of the Evidence Act. Introduction Per section 8 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, the motive with which a person commits a certain act or the preparation which he makes towards the commission of the act is… Read More »

The selection process of Arbitrators

The process of selection of arbitrators is organization specific. The different organizations have different guidelines based on which the process of arbitration and the selection of arbitration is based. WHO ARE ARBITRATORS Arbitrators are legally qualified advocates or scholars or jurists who are capable of coordinating and administering justice by arbitration. The Arbitrator acts as a neutral third… Read More »

Evolution of International Arbitration and its National Significance

Arbitration as a process of dispute resolution has been followed for a long time.  This article discusses the Evolution of International Arbitration and its National Significance. Introduction International disputes have always been prevalent. The initial kingdoms adopted a primitive approach for the settlement of disputes between nations. The nations at dispute resorted to means of war. The result… Read More »

Role play in Mediation Procedure

Role play in literal sense means portrayal of a mediator or a negotiator by a student in a hypothetical situation. In a mediation role-play session, there are two parties represented by negotiators and two independent mediators. Introduction Theoretical knowledge has to be collated with practical experience for the all-round growth of an individual. In academics as well, especially… Read More »