Introduction to the Code of Criminal Procedure and Important Definitions

Introduction to the Code of Criminal Procedure and Important Definitions | Overview Introduction Offence Bailable Offence and Non-bailable Offence Cognizable Offence and Non-cognizable Offence Complaint Bail Inquiry Investigation Judicial Proceeding Pleader Public Prosecutor Summons and Warrant Cases Introduction The Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 is the procedural law providing the machinery for the punishment of offenders under substantive… Read More »

Initiation of Criminal Proceedings

Magistrate may proceed against an accused on the basis of a complaint of facts; or an information received from any person other than a police officer, or upon his own knowledge, that such offence has been committed (section 190 CrPC). The criminal investigation process and prosecution mechanism in India, can be started in any of the following manner:… Read More »

Christ University Conference on Right to Food: Constitutional Perspectives [6-7 Jan, Bangalore]: Submit by Oct 21

Call for Papers: School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore is hosting its National Conference from 6th – 7th January, 2017. Theme Right to Food: Constitutional Perspectives We invite interested students and Faculty to submit papers related to : MNREGA and Right to Food Right to Food: A Farmer’s View Food Security and Standards in India Genetic Modification of Food… Read More »

Legislation and its Types

Introduction “Legis” means law and “latum” means making. Legislation means lawmaking. It also refers to the law made by the legislature. It may also be defined as the promulgation of legal rules by an authority which has the power to do so. It is the formal declaration of the legal rules by the legislative organ of the body… Read More »

Law Commission seeks public views on uniform code

In an accompanying questionnaire, the Commission has asked whether the existing personal laws and customary practices need codification. Amid a raging debate on uniform civil code, the law panel has sought public views on the subject to revise and reform family laws, saying the aim is to address social injustice rather than plurality of laws. In an appeal… Read More »