Arrest of a Person

Meaning Fair trial requires that the trial proceedings are conducted in the presence of the accused and that he is given a fair chance to defend himself.  Consequently, the provisions regarding the issue of summons, or of a warrant of arrest or arrest without warrant are all aimed at ensuring the presence of accused at his trial without……...

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Bail – Provisions as to bail and bonds

Object and meaning of bail The object of arrest and detention of the accused person is primarily to secure his appearance at the time of trial and to ensure that in case he is found guilty he is available to receive the sentence. If his presence at the trial could be reasonably ensured otherwise than by his arrest……...

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HOPE:  THE EXTINCT AND GENERATED VIRTUE Pandora was sent to earth with many blessings. She was given a box, which was ordered not to be opened. However, she opened it. All virtues were lost but not Hope. Hope was the only thing which clung to the box. Though Hope was left behind, Pandora misused the hope of Zeus… Read More »

Laws related to Women in India

The problem of violence against women is multifaceted – Remember knowledge is power. Given the number of crimes that are committed against women, it is pertinent that women are aware of the laws that are in place to protect them. The National Commission for Women was set up as statutory body in January 1992 under the National Commission for Women… Read More »

When Will India Get Its Independence?

“Once thousands were against rape, now lakhs are supporting a rapist.” RIP to those candle marches, which we have learned from Rang De Basanti; after all, we have learned because that was trendy and catchy. When will India get its independence? ‘Twenty-first century India: (n.) Where youth is updating their Snapchat, parents are busy worshiping fake gods, society… Read More »

Journalistic Ethics – Essay

Journalistic Ethics is the standardized principles of belief, conscience, conduct and of good practice that is the assistance in decision-making in relation to perplexed challenges and moral question faced by a journalist. Journalism’s fundamental objective is in serving people with fair and impartial news, comments, views and information regarding all matter concerning public interest unbiased and accurately, using decent… Read More »

The Conflict of Sexuality and Morality in Law: Multicultural Visions in a Transnational Age

“Vatr naryasto pojyantay, ramantay tatr devta”— 3/56 Manusmriti (Where Women are provided place of honor, Gods are pleased and reside there in that household) Introduction Can Women’s Sexuality destroy society? The positivist legal order compounds that Sexuality in ‘Gender’ is a substantive question with the binary of gender being perceived as “sameness” or as “difference”. On the other… Read More »

Value Added Tax (VAT) and its Impact on Revenue Generation in India

INTRODUCTION Indirect tax system plays an important role in the economic development of a country by influencing the rate of production and consumption. The Government of India has after committing to the World Trade Organization (WTO) regime, decided to modernize and streamline its indirect taxation, in the light of the experience of other WTO member countries. Value Added… Read More »