Need of solving past year papers of CLAT

 The past year’s papers have proved to be the most beneficial material for the students. When one analysis the strategy adopted by the toppers to clear CLAT, one will realize that the past year papers have been always focused upon. The toppers always regard these papers as their ultimate tool for preparing for the competitive exam. Not only… Read More »

World Food Day

This article discusses World Food Day. By uniting, it is possible to begin a fight that is against hunger. By uniting, it is possible to bring a tomorrow, for all the children across the world, which is better than the present day by the way of feeding them. It is important for all the people to come together… Read More »

Doctrine of Res Gestae

Introduction ‘Res Gestae’ is a Latin term which can roughly be translated to ‘things done’.[1] The concept of res gestae has emerged from the belief that certain acts or statements, which may otherwise be irrelevant and inadmissible, may be admitted as evidence due to the very situation in which they were committed or uttered. The doctrine of res… Read More »

The Law of Evidence: An Introduction

This article focuses on a brief introduction of the Law of Evidence. The corpus juris or body of laws is generally divided into two types of laws- Substantive laws and Adjective laws. Simply put, substantive laws are those laws which define certain rights and liabilities and adjective laws are those which facilitate the realization of those rights and… Read More »


This article discusses the charges. A single section i.e. Section 71 is used by the legislature to cover all the topics related to debentures in the Companies Act, 2013. Companies are required to borrow a huge amount of money very frequently. Pursuant to this reason, the requirement of a loan by the company might not be fulfilled by… Read More »

Internship Experience- Legal Bites

About the Organisation Legal Bites Internship Tenure 7th July 2019 Application Procedure I got to know about the organization through Internshala and I applied for the internship via internshala portal itself. Then, there was a two-day selection process where I was required to write a couple of articles. On the basis of these articles, I got selected for… Read More »