Right Against Exploitation: A Comprehensive Analysis

Right Against Exploitation | Overview Introduction Prohibition on Trafficking in Human Beings and Forced Labour Compulsory Service For Public Purposes Prohibition of Employment of Children in Factories, Etc. Conclusion The Right Against Exploitation includes within its ambit, various forms of enslavements and oppression. It covers aspects of exploitations such as bonded labour, forced labour, prison labour, begar and… Read More »

History and Development of Competition Law

History and Development of Competition Law | Overview History of Competition Law Competition Laws in the US Competition Law in the United Kingdom Competition laws in Australia Competition laws in Russia Competition laws in China Conclusion This article ‘History and Development of Competition Law’ will give a deep insight into the history of Competition Law and how it… Read More »

Call for Blogs: Abhivyakti 2.0 | Think India Punjab

The Editorial Board of Abhivyakti invites blog posts from students/research scholars enrolled in any UG/PG/Ph.D. course, academicians associated with any educational institution (University/College), professionals across various fields practising around the world. About Abhivyakti Abhivyakti is an initiative by Think India, Punjab. The meaning of ‘Abhivyakti’ is to express, or present. True to its meaning, it is launched with an… Read More »

Fox Mandal Foundation Launches Pro Bono Initiative

The Fox Mandal Foundation has launched a pro bono initiative, #MovingAhead, where the firm has pledged to offer 100 hours of free legal advice, per month (for three months), to Startups and MSMEs who need support at this juncture. Under the aegis of this scheme, the firm has set an initial goal of providing 25 to 50 entities… Read More »

The various forms of Government: A primary synopsis

The various forms of Government | Overview Introduction Forms of Government Non-Democratic Forms of Government Democratic and Republican Form of Government Presidential Form of Government Conclusion This article revolves around the concepts of different forms of government and provides a primary synopsis of the democratic and republican system, further branching out the system into Parliamentary, Presidential and Semi- Presidential… Read More »

Easement: Concept, Essential, Types | Explained

Easement: Concept, Essential, Types | Overview Introduction Easement in law Distinction of Easement from various other concepts of Property Law Essentials of Valid Easement Nature and Duration Types of Easements The article lays down an overview of the topic easement, envisaged under the property law. It brings forward not only the origin of such a right but also… Read More »

Tortious Liability: Conditions and Constituents

Tortious Liability: Conditions and Constituents | Overview Introduction Constituents of Tort Liability Wrongful Act Guilt of the Tortfeasor/ Mens Rea Legal Damage Direct Consequences Remedy Conclusion Tortious liability emerges from a breach of a duty which is specified by the law, and this duty towards persons against whom the breach has been conducted leads to an action for… Read More »

SPIL-INALP Webinar Series

About the SPIL-INALP Webinar Series Students for the Promotion of International Law (SPIL), Government Law College, Mumbai in collaboration with the Students’ Division of Indian National Association of Legal Professionals (INALP), are pleased to announce  Webinar Series on the topics, “The Doctrines of Force Majeure & Hardship in Oil & Gas Contracts due to Market Volatility During the… Read More »