Book Review: The Cases that India Forgot

This article reviews the book ‘The Cases that India forgot’. The author of this book is Dr. Chintan Chandrachud. This book is highly critically acclaimed in the legal fraternity.  It has received praise from some of the best legal minds in the country. This book was published by Juggernaut Publication in December 2019 and is currently available free… Read More »

Patriarchy: Seeking for a ‘License’ to Co-Exist

This article on ‘Patriarchy: Seeking for a ‘License’ to Co-Exist’ has been written by Anukriti Poddar and Shreya Mittal. Dominance has been a never-ending phenomenon and as its consequence, many sections of the society, especially that of women have been severely affected. Violence against women has not been a straightforward concept. This article talks about how the position… Read More »

Gambling and Betting with a VPN: Here’s the legal position

There are two divergent trains of thought when it comes to using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Many argue that if you haven’t done anything wrong, why bother with a VPN? The other line of thought argues that government and Internet Service Providers use a lot of surveillance and you can’t take enough measures you can take to… Read More »

Gendered Stereotypes in Adjudication of Rape Cases in India – An Empirical Analysis of the Language used by the Courts

This article on ‘Gendered Stereotypes’ aims to discuss how these rape myths and harsh stereotypes seep into our judicial processes and how these notions of gender rest on stereotypes which further enable sexism in the society. This article will analyze different judgements and observations that reek of sexist gendered notions such as the use of a stereotypical image… Read More »

Life at Amity University

Life at Amity University you ask? Well, I will be honest with you it is not as easy as it might seem from the outside. Once you are in, it is a hell of a rollercoaster ride. Students have an overwhelmingly busy lifestyle, from lectures to events to extracurricular activities to socialising. As soon as you enter the… Read More »

Administrative Relationship between the Centre and States

The administrative relationship between the Centre and States forms the essence of the federal structure of the Constitution. It establishes the harmony between the Centre and the States, inhibiting any secessionist tendencies, to further foster the nation as an ‘indestructible union of destructible states’. Introduction The Constitution of India follows the Parliamentary System of Government and the executive… Read More »

The Nexus between IPR and Competition Law

This article aims to analyze the Nexus between IPR and Competition Law. Intellectual property rights aim to strike a balance between protecting the exclusive rights of the creator and public welfare. Competition Law, on the other hand, emphasizes on restricting monopoly and unfair advantage so that the consumers have a variety of choices and products of higher quality… Read More »

Legal Framework On Cyber-Violence Against Woman: Challenges And Road Ahead

The Indian and International Legal framework on Cyber-Violence against Women and the challenges involved in the implementation of gender-specific laws brings forth the original nature of protection available to women in this digital epoch. This article attempts to critically analyse the momentum of the Indian and the International Legal framework on cyber-violence against women. The authors, through an… Read More »

Combinations: Concept, Regulation and Adverse Impact

The article provides an insight into the Competition Law and how the combinations are regulated under the statute. It is important to understand the effect of the Competition Act, 2002 on all the deals related to the restructuring of the corporate world. The article covers the regulation of combinations and the adverse impact on the competition produced due… Read More »