Internship Experience: Legal Bites

Tejas Vasani, a 3rd year Law student of GLS Law College, Ahmedabad shares his internship experience at Legal Bites. College, Year of Study GLS Law College, Ahmedabad; 3rd year (B.A. LL.B.) Duration of the Internship 12th July 2019- 12th September 2019. Application Procedure I applied for the internship through Internshala portal. The procedure required me to fill up certain details on the portal… Read More »

Distinction between Relevancy and Admissibility

Relevancy is the ultimate touchstone for determination of the admissibility of evidence.[1] It is due to this fundamental rule of the Law of Evidence that the terms ‘relevancy’ and ‘admissibility’ are often used interchangeably. It must be noted that both the concepts are quite distinct from each other.[2] For instance, a confession made by an accused to his… Read More »

Criticism of Austin’s Theory of Positivism

This article focuses on the criticism of Austin theory of positivism, Several thinkers and jurists have compared the views of Austin with those of Bentham and have concluded that the latter is more acceptable in modern societies. It is believed that the positivist movement started at the dawn of the 19th Century. It emerged as a reaction to… Read More »

Internship Experience: Legal Aid Services West Bengal

Avishikta Chattopadhyay, a first-year student of the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala shares her internship experience in Legal Aid Services West Bengal under Justice D.K Basu, Former Judge, Calcutta High Court, Former Secretary-General, Association of Retired Justices of Supreme Court and High Courts of India. Address Legal Aid Services West Bengal 30, Karnani Estate, 1st Floor,… Read More »

Jus in Bello Jus ad Bellum

Jus ad Bellum a legal maxim is defined as the reasons cited by countries which make the restoration to war an absolute necessity. Jus in Bello, on the other hand, is the maxim used for the acts which are legal during the time of war. Introduction and Meaning Since ancient times the rulers have resorted to war for… Read More »