POSH at Work, Mumbai: Competency & Skill Building Workshop for Internal Committee Members [July 13-14]

By | June 28, 2018
POSH at Work


POSH at Work is pleased to bring to you to the two days fully interactive workshop on Competency & Skill Building for Internal Committee Members.


13th – 14th July 2018 (9 a.m. – 6 p.m.)




Day 1:

  • Sexual Harassment: Types & Criteria and its impact on involved parties
  • Workplace harassment vs. Sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment vs. Romantic relationships
  • IC: Composition, Term of Office, Role & Responsibilities and Removal
  • Who can complain and against whom IC can receive complaints?
  • Understanding the redressal mechanism and IC’s role
  • Principles of natural justice: What does it mean in the real world?
  • Powers of a civil court: How far applicable?
  • The process of Conciliation & Inquiry and dealing with malicious complaints
  • Confidentiality and penalties for its breach
  • Discussion on the preparation of an inquiry report along with recommendations
  • Statutory reporting requirements & provisions related to filing an Appeal

Day 2:

  • Types of complaints IC can receive
  • Handling difficult situations faced by IC (such as maintenance of confidentiality in a situation where emails/letters have been marked to several persons in senior/middle management, Complainant seeking multiple interim measures, party or parties seeking change in the composition of IC members, etc.)
  • Sensitive interviewing skills (such as minimizing the influence of personal biases on the way inquiry is being conducted, focusing on ‘How’ to ask questions etc.)
  • Drafting of inquiry report and recommendation and addressing challenges (such as how to make the report when there are multiple documents submitted as evidence and when there are several witnesses who have been interviewed, how are annexures prepared, how are details summarized in a report etc.)
  • Understanding provisions related to Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Voyeurism, Acid Attacks etc. along with Section 509 of the Indian Penal Code and dealing with Police and managing situations (such as when a complaint is filed with Police but the complaint is not registered,etc.)

Online Registration:


Registration Fee:

  • Rs. 10,000/- to Rs.16,000/- + GST


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