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Top 25 Legal Maxims You Must Know

These 25 legal maxims below are not only essential for the students of law but are also beneficial for the common public. The word ‘Legal Maxims’ can be described ‘as an established principle or proposition of law, and a species of aphorism and general maxim.’ 25 Legal Maxims You Must Know What accounts to be their significant role?… Read More »

Legal Maxims: Meaning and Importance

In literary terms, a legal maxim is a very concise expression more like a term of any fundamental rule or principle. It is often pedagogical and often relates to some specific actions. The oxford dictionary of philosophy defines it as, “Generally any simple and memorable rule or guide for living; for example, ‘neither a borrower nor a lender… Read More »

Legal Word, Phrases & Maxims

A Fortiori By so much the stronger reason, i.e., all the more A Posteriori Argument from the consequence to the antecedent A Priori Deductive; from earlier i. e., original or antecedent; argument from antecedent to the consequent; not empirical A Prendre See Profit Ab Antiquo From Ancient times Ab Extra From without Ab Initio From the beginning Ab… Read More »