Session: From Advocacy to Action – Youth unite for Child Rights (Bachhe Aage Bihar Aage) | Child Rights Centre, CNLU Patna

By | February 25, 2021
Session: From Advocacy to Action - Youth unite for Child Rights (Bachhe Aage Bihar Aage) | Child Rights Centre, CNLU Patna

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Child Rights Centre, CNLU Patna is organising a session on From Advocacy to Action – Youth unite for Child Rights (Bachhe Aage Bihar Aage) on 26th February 2021 at 10.30 AM to 3.00 PM.

About Child Rights Centre, CNLU Patna

The Child Rights Centre (CRC) is a specialized research centre of the Chanakya National Law University, Patna to be run in assistance with the UNICEF. The Centre’s mission is to engage with child rights from multidisciplinary perspective and to provide integrated technical support to different layers of institutional governance in local, state and national level for the protection of child rights through Knowledge Management, Human Resource Development and System Strengthening.

The objective of the Child Rights Centre, among many, are to engage with Child Rights from multidisciplinary perspective to evolve and support effective delivery and response systems for children, their families and communities, to serve as resource pool on child related issues, to lobby with state and civil society to enable realization of child rights provided for under progressive laws in India and to contribute to policy, law and practice that will enable compliance with the constitution, CRC, SDGs and other normative frameworks.

In order to fulfill the above objectives, one of the prime focus of the Child Rights Centre is to facilitate the orientation and training of various stakeholders in the Child Rights protection machinery including the ADJs, the JJB board members, the CWC members, the Special Public Prosecutors etc, in the child rights issues, laws, institutions, contemporary development and challenges. In this regard, the Centre has proposed a schedule of training for these stakeholders to be conducted with assistance from UNICEF and the BSLSA (Bihar State Legal Services Authority), and which has also been accepted by the UNICEF.

Purpose of the Session

The purpose of the orientation is to increase the knowledge of students regarding use of advocacy as a tool to support Child Rights. It is important for students to be familiar with the tool of advocacy so that they can support the cause of child rights. Introduction to Advocacy on Child Rights will also give them exposure to the field of social welfare and throw light on the use of tool of advocacy to influence policies.

Objectives of Session: From Advocacy to Action 

“Advocacy is the pursuit of influencing outcomes – including public policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic and social systems” (Advocacy Institute, 2001). Advocacy can also be understood as defending a point of view, taking a stand for a certain mindset, and trying to convince people of a certain strategy, viewpoint, or even a particular form of action. Advocating rights for a vulnerable group means that these rights are upheld through all kinds of circumstances and situations because they aspire to higher or deeper human values.

It is a very powerful tool for Civil Society Organisations because it can influence decisions of key stakeholders such as legislators, executive body, policy makers and bureaucrats. The dialogue that advocacy entails trust, quality and rapport building. Focus of advocacy should be on impact monitoring as well as impact oriented reflections so that strategies can be modified to the current needs.

The proposed objective of this orientation is: Capacity building. Students will improve their capacity to promote Child Rights. They will develop useful means to influence decision-making processes and influence stakeholders/governments to take concrete steps or commitments in the support of child rights through tools of advocacy. It aims to help students to strategize and strengthen their policy dialogue and advocacy activities.

Date & Time

26th February 2021, Time: – 10.30 AM to 3.00 PM


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Reported by: Child Rights Centre (CRC), CNLU, Patna

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