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Ambassador is those who represent a nation in the finest style. They are also called as the accredited diplomats.

We would like you to be Our Student Ambassador – Accredited Diplomats for the domain of Law and Legal Education.

What is the Student Ambassador Program

The  Student  Ambassador  Program is a unique initiative by  ALL INDIA LAW STUDENTS FEDERATION to incorporate professional attitude and skills in law students.  The objective of this program ranges from legal networking to enhancement of legal knowledge of the members of this program including various other benefits that shall come through in course of the membership of AILSF.

Why is Networking so vital?

In the era when we are living our minutes with checking our mail and seconds spent on visiting the Facebook; networking has become an important attribute of any career. Unlike in other careers for legal fraternity networking is more than a mere attribute; it is the soul and essence of it. And, again networking is not mere exchanging pleasantries when one meets the other person. Networking is providing you with the set of tools which assists you in the long journey from internship assistance during your regular curriculum to making you form a communion of people with whom you can share and laugh while you pursue advancements in your career.

Who are We – the AILSF

All  India  Law  Students Federation is a Non-profit organization.  It is like the Estate of Law comprising of Students, Academicians, Lawyers, Judges, Jurists, Law-Makers, Corporate and Educational Institutions. AILSF provides a forum to the students interested in legal education or already enrolled for the same to enhance their comprehensive legal growth touching all dimensions in the vast field of Law. For more details visit our website CLICK HERE  or interact with us on FB.

Benefits you will get

Certificate of Recognition

  • Discounted Membership
    • Books, Bare act Discount Coupon*
    • Learn    and    gain    practical    experience    to    manage    projects
    • Letter    of    Recommendation*
    • Opportunity to participate in conference, seminars, and symposiums
    •Discount on online course

* Will be provided upon successful completion of task assigned coupled with one year worked in the Leadership programme of  AILSF.


  • Student pursuing three years or five-year law course or any other course from a recognized institution.
    •Any experience in organizing/managing/directing/volunteering with educational, technical or cultural event (preferably)


•  Devoting 8-10 hours a week
• Social with good People Skills
• Willingness to Work Hard
• Excellent Communication
• Responsible Passionate
• Quick Learner
• Flexible
•Strict adherence to timeline

Last date for application:05 September 2018


Shortlisted candidates have to go through interviews:

  • Telephonic Interview

Note: All the positions are unpaid and pro-bono in nature. For further clarifications, please contact or mail to the undersigned:

For any query:

Mail us (Subject Line: Student Ambassador)

Call/Whats App: 9015022288

Link to Application Form: CLICK HERE


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