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How To Deal With Exam Stress – Deep In Your Heart, Don’t Lose Hope To Believe, You Shall Overcome Someday – by Anjali Chaudhary

A word of gratitude to all the readers who are taking time to read this article when your exams are almost over and there is no exam stress left to be dealt with. Exams are a very crucial part of human life. According to the Indian education system, you could be a total failure in life, irrespective of how smart… Read More »

The Pink Economy

Long back, our history books read to us of the feat of the people of Rajasthan, who changed the entire city of Jaipur into Pink to welcome the Prince and the Queen. The color denotes hospitality. Today, the country herself has changed pink it seems. In their economic report, the economic forum of India has come to a… Read More »

Man, The Beast

All the world being the stage is for a man to act. Obviously, it is not meant only for the man to dance and to produce his tunes. God created nature for Man to enjoy. He has prioritized other specious before man according to evolution, and religion too. The man entered the gifted world later. He enjoyed all… Read More »